Johnny Cash

The man in black


Johnny cash was a rock and blues kind of guy, he was very popular singer. His actual genre of music is rockabilly which is a mix of rock and country music or known as hillbilly but the term hillbilly is offensive to country singers back then. Cash had sang a lot with June carter (his wife) some of the songs where written with June and johnny cash. It's amazing his songs are actually good because he was a drug addict and acholholic but, June had helped him with that.
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Country music just a genre of music but, when your mad, sad or even happy music can always take the stress away and it's like your Ignoring everything and just listening and sometimes you feel like you can relate to what their singing or you just want to dance until you drop. Even music from the 1900's can make you feel better


Country music was a bit different in 1923. For example there were different instruments such as banjos and his band was low funded for a while they couldn't afford all the "fancy" instruments. Many older people prefer the older country music with out the filters to make them sound good or any of that stuff. Now country is a mix of pop and country in there opinion.
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Rumpus Re-work)


This video represents music now and then. Now as in how the changed it up and then as in Johnny cash's performances. June (his wife) actually wrote the ring of fire