Fifth Grade Newsletter

December 7, 2015

Message To Parents

The 5th grade holiday celebration will be on Thursday, December 17th. We plan on having a breakfast for students and parents. We usually have electronics day the remainder of the day. We will start the breakfast around 9:00 after the students return from specials. Please plan on joining us to celebrate. Each homeroom teacher will send out a special email requesting parent volunteers and food items for the breakfast. Some teachers may choose to have one parent coordinator for the entire class. Please let your child's teacher know if you would be interested in coordinating food donations, plastic ware, etc. We will send out more details later this week.

Attached you should also find a list of dates for Dreambox performances.

Social Studies News:

We will be learning about the turn of the century in America, immigration, inventors and inventions, Spanish American War, and the Panama Canal. Some classes are on a different schedule than others, and they will be continuing Turn of the Century for the next week or two. Other classes are moving into the next science unit.

Science News:

Some classes have moved on to electricity and magnetism. The students will need a box in order to complete an electricity project in which they create something with a closed circuit.

Reading News:

Nonfiction text structures: Compare & contrast, cause & effect, problem & solution, description, and sequence (chronological) order.

Math News:

This week in math we will be looking at strategies to solve word problems. We will focus on multiplication and division word problems.

Writing News:

The students are writing on a topic that they are an "expert" on already. They will conduct a small amount of research to add to what they already know. The students are learning about not using Wikipedia as a reliable resource and having multiple resources to support their writing.

Important Dates

December 4th - School spelling bee, 9:30 AM, media center - Parents are welcome to attend. Classroom representatives have already been notified after the classroom spelling bees.

December 17th - 5th Grade Holiday Celebration Breakfast/Electronics Day

December 18th - No school

January 5th - Students return to school

January 6th - Report cards go home

January 18th - No school

January 22nd - New enrichment clusters begin

January 26th - Hall County Spelling Bee

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