Industrial Revolution

Interchangeable Parts

The Inventor

The creator of this flawless invention was Eli Whitney he invented this in the year of the 1800's

How it works

The function or the pupose of interchangeable parts was that these were parts that were manufactured and used to make guns for the war that broke out in 1812. These guns were used for self-defense and war.

Pictures of the maker and the invention

Invention of the 1800's

The impact it had in the 1800's

This invention had a great impact for us in the 1800's especailly in the war of 1812 because we used this invention to make guns to defend our self and fight back. If we did not have this invention then we would have been in trouble with no weapons to fight with. This invention also spread to other great invention and also the very first large scale assembly and of our first adoption of the model 1842 musket and produce atleast hundreds of thousands of more rifles for the soilders in the civil war thanks to the interchangeable parts by this smart man.

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