Canada In 2060

By; Balaj Chaudhry

Let's Begin!

In this Smore i will be talking about how Canada will look like demographically in the year 2060. Some things i will be also talking about are the future of our first nations culture and people. The birth rate, death rate, and immigration of Canada now and my predictions are going to be topics throughout this Smore!


Baby Boom!

Demography is basically births, deaths, income and the changing of the general population in the country. Canada has a low population compared to countries that are even near Canada's size in the world. Canada has a decreasing birth rate. Why? Well for me to tell you that you that you need to know what a baby boomer is. A Baby Boomer is a person that was born in the years after world war 2, when there was a sudden BOOM in the countries birth rate. The Baby boomers didn't have a lot of kids that's why there are less kids being born now.


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What's a Demographic Transition Model?

The Demographic Transition model is a model that shows the transition of a countries birth and death rate. Canada is almost at level 5 where the birth rates are lowest this could affect the whole country in the future not enough jobs will be filled and taxes will not be payed.

even the amount of refugee's and immigrants we take in now is not enough.

FIrst Nations people in Canada

First nations people are experiencing a lot of racism and stereotypes every single day and there isn't a very big population of First nations people already, and its just going to get less and less if we keep abusing them, read the article i've linked down below

2060 Predictions!

economic failure

Canada is not going to have enough tax payers in the future and not enough jobs are going to be filled so i believe in the future Canada is gonna go into a Huge recession which is going to be a very big push factor for many immigrants, and a push factor for people living in Canada which will cause a lot of emigration in Canada. Unless Canada takes in a lot more immigrants and refugees.

First Nation Future

I believe there will be if not none but very very little First nations people in Canada the culture is going to be rid of because people just simply will not care about first nations people.
McKay River 2, Alberta, Canada (Athabasca oil sands)

Alberta oil sands effect on Fort mckay

Fort McKay is a First Nation Community and they are roughly 40 km away from the tar sands in Alberta, all the waste is just thrown into the water which runs toward fort McKay there have been many people in Fort McKay that are dying of cancer and it's been proven to be the tar sands fault, if you read the article i've linked below.

Balaj Chaudhry - (2542)

How will my life be different in the year 2060? by Balaj Chaudhry - (2542)

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looks like this is the end, but i would like to restate my points once again. In the future i believe Canada is going to go into a big recession and this will be a big pull factor to immigrants, there wont be any first nations people left and the culture will be "dead" but their are solutions Canada should take in a lot more immigrants and refugees, and people should realize that first nations people are just like us, and that should be filled through media because in a sense "our world runs on media"