Brilliant Brains Bulletin- PreK

Mrs. Rhodes & Mrs. Redmon


Current Studies and Explorations

How can you tell if something is alive? What do living things need?

In October, we will continue exploring "living & non-living" things in our environment. We will discuss the processes and practices employed by scientists in the field of biology. Through hands-on investigations, your student will discover that all animals need food in order to live and grow, and that they obtain their food from plants or from other animals. Students will also learn that plants need water and light to live and grow.

To gain a better understanding of these concepts, students will go on a nature walk with Mrs. Redmon and make observations & record their findings through videos or sketches in their science notebook. With Mrs. Rhodes, students have observed snails and have learned about spirals in nature. They are doing hands-on investigations to discover the amazing patterns our world creates. Artists like Matisse have used nature patterns to inspire their art, and students will be working with Mrs. Rhodes to learn about Matisse's art and to create their own pieces using some of his master techniques.

At the end of October, we will compare bones of living animals and their function.

Throughout this unit students will gain more knowledge of the many different kinds of living things in their world. Whether on land, in water, inside, or outside-living & non-living things are everywhere!

a message from Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Redmon

You should have received the digital portfolio permission form for the Seesaw portfolio from your child. If you have not received one or have questions, please contact Mrs. Redmon. If you have already turned these forms into your child's homeroom teacher, thank you for doing so. The start to our school year has been great! We are really eager to share with you what students are working on in the classroom during our time together. If you have turned in permission, please see the information sent home along with this newsletter on how to connect to your child's Seesaw account. If you did not turn in a permission form, we are sending home another copy with this newsletter just in case you missed the others. Each child has his or her own journal, and we will continue to add artifacts throughout the school year. You can receive notifications when your child adds items to the journal. Note that there are several options that include logging in through the web or through the iOS or Android app.

Mrs. Rhodes & Mrs. Redmon will be sharing our journey with you through our student portfolios on Seesaw! As you can see through the app, we will be posting student work, pics, or videos of your child's explorations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or

Upcoming Events

BREC Bluebonnet Swamp:

- Oct. 3rd: Walk with the Birds (general admission/all ages/ 7-9 am)

- Nov. 13th: Kids Night Out at the Swamp ($20/ages 7-12/ from 6-10pm)

- Nov. 14th: Cyanotypes: Where Art Meets Science (Contact BR Gallery for more info/ages 7-14/ from 1-3pm)

BREC Highland Observatory:

-Every Friday & Saturday Nights: Evening Sky Viewings (Free/all ages/Fri.: 8:30-10pm/Sat. 7:30-10pm)

-Oct. 24th: The Spooky Spectrum (Free for all ages/ 6-10 pm)

Global Wildlife Center:

- Oct. 10: Fall Festival ($15 for non-members/all ages/5-8 pm)

Pumpkin Patches:

- Up to Nov. 8: Mrs. Heather's Pumpkin Patch (Hammond, LA/$7 child & free for adults/open all week)

- Up to Nov. 2: Barn Hill Preserve (Ethel, LA/Children 12 & Under $7 - Adults $10/Sat. & Sun. 10am-5pm)

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