By: Alexis Schroeder

Background Information

ISIS controls over 34,000 square miles in both Iraq and Syria. ISIS or also known as the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is an Islamic radical group. What ISIS is achieving is radicalized. A misconception is that the whole Islamic religion is radicalized, but it isn't. ISIS is also best known for carrying out terrorist attacks that kill hundreds of people at one time. This can also be said as they carry out public executions and crucifixions. In this, their goal is to convert the whole world to believe in their radical ideas and religion.

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ISIS has very well thought out and complex strategies and because of this no one is 100% sure about their strategies. Many of their strategies are flawless and that was shown at the Paris attack. Their goal is to scare people by making threats that aren't necessarily false, but leave people in the fear and suspense of when their plans or strategies will be executes. For example, a handful of suicide bombers died in the whole Paris Attack and from what ISIS claims that was all part of the plan. This shows their time and thought that is put into it knowing the exact number of suicide bombers their will be.

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Possible Threats

During the Paris attacks, there wasn't any known threats in place, but that doesn't mean they won't attack with out posing a threat to someone. They could easily have a well thought out attack already planned that will surprise and devastate many people around the world. ISIS has threatened a good portion of the world with their attacks or said attacks. These threats includes many states in the United States and many other nations world wide. This isn't something that can just be left alone because ISIS is always one step ahead and a very dangerous group of people. They also have the ability to cause lots of destruction and leave many devastated.