Atmospheric and Space Scientist

Aubrie Yarbrough

Job Description

Interpret and investigate meteorological and atmospheric data to prepare forecasts and reports to broadcast publicly. Use data from satellites and radar. Investigate how this affects humanity and the Earth. Predict the weather.
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Working Conditions

Work indoors in stations, offices, or libraries. Sometimes have to work outdoors to study/ examine weather. In some cases, they will work longer because of sudden weather conditions.

Training/Education Requirements

Acquire a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science, or any class similar to that. If one does research, he/she will need a Ph.D or Master's degree.

Personal Characteristics

Determination, overall interest in research, focus, analytical thinking, writing, and oral communication. independent, computer skills, mathematical skills, adaptable, careful, thorough

Earnings & Job Outlook

The median yearly wage is 89,820. The least yearly amount is about 10,000 and the most yearly amount is about 132,000. It is projected to grow 9% by 2024, and it is growing faster than normal.

Education Spotlight

A) University of Georgia, GA

B) North Carolina State University, NC

C) United Sates Air Force Academy, CO

D) University of Wisconsin, WI

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