The Pearl, Interpretative Essay

Test Grade, Due on Friday, 12/4, by 11:59 PM


In an interpretive response, your goal is to explain your personal interpretation of a particular aspect of a piece of text.

For this assignment, write an interpretive response that explains what the novella, The Pearl, attempts to tell us about human nature. To develop your controlling idea for this essay, refer to the ideas you recorded from the small and whole group discussions.

Grading Guide

Essays are graded holistically, based on how the identified characteristics work together to create a paper that:

- Is interesting to read and engaging – a meaningful attempt at an interpretive response

- Is appropriate for this unit of study – references Steinbeck’s use of metaphor

- Has a strong, focused thesis/controlling idea

- Uses textual evidence to support the argument (3 to 4 examples)

- Is insightful and thoughtful

- Uses a logical organizational structure with connected ideas

- Has strong in word choice, sentence development, and appropriate use of conventions

A++ 100, 95 A+

Highly successful and effective. Shows exceptional understanding of concepts, knowledge, and skills.

A- 90, 85 B

Successful and effective. Shows understanding of concepts, knowledge, and skills.

B- 80, 75 C

Partially successful and/or effective. Shows limited understanding of concepts, knowledge, and skills.


Unsuccessful. Needs to be revised.


Essay is poorly crafted.

Revise and re-submit.

What are Action, Evidence, Connection Statements Again???

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Don't forget that you need 3-4 examples, meaning sets of A. E. C. statements!

Essay Writing Checklist

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Ideas for Creating an Attention-Getting Statement

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