Ava W.


Shawnee wore moccasins from deer skin with ankle flaps to protect their feet. They dyed

their clothes bright colors. They made headbands adorned with feathers from a hawk, eagle, or owl.

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Their winter houses were dome shaped and covered with bark and skins so it made them look like wigiwams. The women built the wigiwams. These houses had to be quick and easy to make.
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Women had to plant and men had to hunt. From childhood little boys were trained to become the best hunters. They made traps to catch their pray.
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The Shawnee lived on Oklahoma. Long ago Shawnee lived in the northeastern part of the U.S. They traveled along the Ohio river. They once had to travel from Canada to Florida.
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The Shawnee group traveled all together. They had to travel a lot. In winter they had to move to another place and moved back to their old place in summer.
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