How Terrorism affects the world

Kids joining ISIS

Aryeh Savir said "that about 2,000 Westerners are estimated to have joined fighting in Iraq and Syria".

  • ISIS is appealing to kids because, the youth who are disillusioned and have no sense of purpose or belonging
  • Appeals to a sense of religious duty and a youthful desire to express religious sentiments.

Why is terrorism a problem?

Riffkin writes, "After the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, Americans are now more likely to name terrorism as the top issue facing the U.S. than to name any other issue -- including those that have typically topped the list recently, such as the economy and the government".

  • Terrorism is killing innocent people to prove a point or to cause fear, when lives are a steak it becomes a big problem to everyone.

Mueller states, "Adopt simple and accessible methods to promote suspicious activity reporting".

  • By having simple methods to report suspicious activity, people that notice things such as people that seem to be conducting a terrorist action can contact people to stop it. This can help stop terrorism because the terrorist will know that anyone can reach someone to stop their plan.

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