No Teacher Left Behind

Joelle Poston

Learning Oppertunites for Teachers

Just like students, teachers need to undergo training in order to keep up with new learning strategies of the 21st century. This should be done annually so teachers can keep their certification up to date. I believe the best way to prepare teachers is to give them the opportunity to practice in the field rather than all book preparation. No teacher knows what to expect from their students when they first walk in a class. Teachers gain the best experience through various workshops and applying what they have learned in the classroom.

Certain Practices

In order for teachers to be on one accord, the should all use certain practices. Teachers should involve students as well as parents in their decision making skills since leaning should continue outside of the classroom. If parents work hand in hand with the teachers, I believe that would help with raising test scores or student improvement at the end of the year.

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as student must pass high stake tests?

There should be a consistent standard for teachers to meet. Teachers should be held accountable, but I also believe parents should be held accountable as well. Teachers and parents should work together. A lot of times you have great teachers, but end up with low test scores. Sometimes it isn't the teacher fault, but the student does not get any lessons outside of the classroom which may ultimate affect a teachers evaluation. Teachers must also be familiar with the subjects they are teaching. The more the teacher knows about the subject, the better they will be at instructing the students.

Teachers and NETS-T

In addition to content knowledge, teachers should be equipped to support effective student learning with technology. Some school districts require teachers to enroll in technology courses as a part of their curriculum. This is a great way for teachers to become well prepared to master the NETS-T standards.