Giants and Super Giants

What is a super giant?

  • They’re the most massive stars, they can have masses from 10 to 70 solar masses their brightness can go up from 30,000 up to hundreds of thousands bright.

Because extreme masses they have a short lifespan, 10 to 50 million years old are less abundant in spiral galaxy bulges, and are not observed in elliptical galaxies, or globular clusters, all of which are believed to be composed of old stars.
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Red Giants

  • as star swells it’s outer layer gets cooler, star gets redder and brighter than

it’s a large intermediate mass star

  • it has a bright, reddish glow
  • When all the hydrogen in the core of the star’s mass has fused into helium, it changes rapidly occur inside the star
  • A red giant is the beginning of the end of the star

  • The stage can last a few hundred million to a few billion years

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Blue Supergiant Star Explosion