From Milk to Ice Cream

By: Corbin Davis 3ac


Have you ever wondered how Ice Cream got to your table? Ice Cream goes from milk to

Ice Cream in the following ways.


The very first step to making Ice Cream is to milk a cow at the farm. The Second step to

making Ice Cream is to get it tested at the farm. Then they get sent to the factory in

tanks on big trucks.


When it gets to the factory, They put it in very cold and special refrigerators and gets cooled

for about 3 Hours. Then gets put in the right Company's box and sent to stores all around

the globe


When it gets to the stores... They put every single box inside the Frozen Foods Isle. People

buy Ice Cream to keep cool, but only in the summertime!

Interesting Facts

Here are some really interesting fun facts about Ice Cream! 1. They come in HUGE Tanks!

and 2. When it melts, It looks like flavored milk!


And that was the entire process of making Ice Cream. Now that I know how to make it, I

might be able to make a bowl of it myself!