Your Occasional Science Newsletter

Summer Learning Summit, June 8 - 11

We're excited to offer some great professional learning opportunities for science at the learning summit in June. Take the chance to look over what's offered and plan your summer learning!

PK-12 Formative Assessment (Science)

Guest presenters from Region 11 will show how to utilize probes from Science Formative Assessment by Page Keeley to inform and monitor instruction and support reflective thinking. Additionally, teachers will learn how to use formative assessment probes to uncover students’ ideas and use students’ thinking to adjust their classroom instruction.

Science Instructional Resources

Far Out Resources for Classroom Effectiveness will show how web applications can make life easier for you and more engaging for students. See how to use Google Sheets and ExitTicket to quickly analyze, sort and understand your student data. Collaborate with experts using Nepris and Hangouts, and teach with some far out web tools like 100,000 stars and Biodigital Human. There's a lot more than that so we hope you enjoy the ride to this far away land!

WORLD’S MOST AMAZING ARCHER in Slow Motion - Smarter Every Day 130

Courses Continued

STEMscopes for K-5

STEMscopes is used to supplement science instruction in LEISD and increase student achievement. This course will explore the 5-E, hands-on, multi-inquiry, researched-based STEMscopes lessons and how to get the most out of STEMscopes in your classroom.

PBL Design (Level I/Level II)

Learn about the Project Based Learning model and how it can be used in your classroom through thoughtful lesson design. We will use the Engage2Learn model during this three hour training to show how inquiry learning can engage and inspire students. We'll cover strategies for workshops and DIY's as well as research/work portions.

Make and Take

Want to engage your students? This make-and-take is perfect for you! You'll walk away with different tools for grouping, questioning, and engaging your students in content.

Introduction to Science Cut Ups

Science Cut Ups are manipulative activities designed to help teach science concepts and/or science process skills. Science Cut Ups supplement the science curriculum and engage students with hands on manipulatives.

Using Science Models

Learn about how models are effectively used in science to connect kids to the content. Tina Scott and Wende Smith will share their lesson ideas and how to use them.


Claim-Evidence-Reasoning is a framework for writing scientific explanations. After most investigations, students are asked to write about it using this format to help them understand the reason for the result. After another year of implementation, let’s review what it is, how it's being used, and how we can move forward.

PBL Design (Level II/III)

Take your understanding of Project Based Lesson design to a new level. We will use the Engage2Learn model during this three hour training to see how good design leads to better understanding for students. We'll cover strategies for making clear rubrics and how pre and post assessment can focus your instruction in addition to other topics.

Free Stuff for Teachers!

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  • The Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Call ahead to check availability)
  • Ripley's Believe it or Not/Palace of Wax

Give Aways!

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Secondary (2 Winner)

Pasco USB sensor set (1)

  • USB Link
  • Non-contact Temp
  • EKG
  • Light Level
  • Humidity/Dew PT/Temp
  • Software

Verner Set (1)

  • Go! Link
  • Dual Range Force Sensor

Elementary (8 Winners)