Miss Blackburn's Newsletter

September 19-23

Upcoming Events

Tuesday Night (9/20) PTA Meeting @ 6:30 pm in the cafeteria

9/28 Early Release- students released at noon!

Our Learning

Reading- The students will be able to discuss the plot of a book (characters, setting, problem and solution. Students will be making connections to books.

Writing- Students will write a story using beginning, middle and end. They will use a graphic organizer to help organize their ideas.

Science- The student will engage and observe the changes in items when heating and cooling occur.

Social Studies- Students will identify leaders in your home, school, community, city, state and country.

Math- Students will be solving word problems, adding up to 20, identifying the missing number in an addition problem and practicing skip counting.

Sight words

Students will begin to bring home sight word flashcards throughout the next few weeks. Please help them to practice these words. The goal with sight words is for students to be able to automatically recognize them to help with their reading fluency. Below is a fun video to help with beginning sight words.

The Sight Word Song High frequency word song rap for kids
Big image

Reading logs

Parents PLEASE be helping to make sure your child reads for at least 15 minutes every night. Help them to record their reading on their reading log and write a summary over one book they read during the week. 1st grade is a very crucial year to build reading skills and I want every student to become a successful reader. The reading logs are turned in on Friday.

Students receive tickets on Friday if they turn in a COMPLETED reading log. We have ticket drawings for prizes every week.