Prince Edward Island

The Province with endless beaches

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a province in Canada full of endless sand and water. The Island, as many call PEI, is a pastoral, peaceful and beautiful place with old-country flavor!

The Area

Prince Edward Island has very few citizens living there. There are over 800 beaches with many sandbars and reefs. There are also a lot of light houses as well. Prince Edward Island very beautiful and relaxing.

Island History

Good To Know

The Flag

Beneath the lion is a plot of grass representing PEI and England, both of which are islands. Upon the mound of grass stand an Oak tree (the official tree of Prince Edward Island) which represents England and three smaller saplings on the left, representing the 3 counties into which Prince Edward Island has been divided since 1767. Also, the lion on top of the patch of grass represents the sleeve of the coat Prince Edward VII wore.

The Food

On an island where the primary industries are farming and fishing, fresh is the word when it comes to food experiences. Prince Edward Island is famous for its oysters, mussels and even potatoes.
Hope you enjoyed my project on Prince Edward Island. The best province in my opinion!