Language Arts Loop

Your News for What's Happening in Room 404-Sept. 22, 2015

Reading News

This week we will work a bit more on writing and identifying strong summaries using the strategy we learned last week. We discussed the fact that this strategy works well with fiction text but that we would use a different technique when summarizing expository or informational text. Towards the end of the week, we will transition into our first genre study of the year as we embark on the wonderful world of poetry. Together we will read lots of poetry and identify the characteristics associated with this genre. We will think about how this text is significantly different from other text we read.

Writing News

Last week our class focused a lot on the idea of the "Messy Middle". We discussed how the messy middle is the big part of revision and editing that happens during the writing process but it can also happen when we experience other things in our life. For example, when playing sports we engage in practice in which we work hard, sweat and are utterly exhausted when its over. This can be true whether we are playing football, baseball, or dancing. We literally become a BIG mess as we work to become better. This is what happens with artists and writers alike. When we dig into the revision of our pieces in the hope to make them better we are diving into the Messy Middle where the magic happens. Our piece comes out messy, marked up and we may be exhausted but we are better writers and our piece is a better piece than when we started. I challenged our class to be brave in the messy middle and expect the magic! This week we shift our writing focus to the genre of personal narratives. We will spend the next few weeks learning new ways to write narratives and strategies to make this type of writing stronger.

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Grammar/Spelling News

Students are still working on their first spelling pattern/rule. We are also working on identifying nouns and verbs in sentences then making them stronger or more specific.

Staying Connected

Students should have come home with their second round of reading homework this week. This homework consists of the reading log. Students will read for a total of 80 minutes over the next week. They will also complete the skills sheets which are a review of grammar skills we've worked with over the last few weeks. This homework is due next Monday, September 28.