books the wonderful source

by jasher j pd 6

deep in the halls in the library.I think where did this things come from why,how ,how many are there and what types of information.

books are one of the ways to get information the very first book (the bible)is the only book that has been translated into all languages ,books are slowly going way from the world and are going to electronics. what if the world power when out and your there try to do a recherche project on your kindle fire.then what would you do you would use books.

why are books going away from the world ? because people have no time to go somewhere and just read a book.i think that the book should be reinvented so that the population would like to read books and then could stay.

what is the very first book that was ever created.the very first book that was created was the bible till this day.books are going away from the world and is not going to be used constinly .


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