Tango Music

By: Paige Nicholas

Type of Music

* The name of this music genre is tango.

* Tango music was mostly played and danced to by couples at theaters and street barrel organs.

* The people associated with this music were the Payada were the Milongo from Argentine and Uruguay Pampas, and Uruguayan Candombe.

History of the Music

* Tango dancing originated from Buenos Aires at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

* Early tango was played by immigrants in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

* The first generation of tango players was called "Guardia Vieja".

Characteristics of the Music

* Tango music may include vocals or it can be purely instrumental.

* One characteristic of tango music is that there is no drums involved in the music.

* Instead of using drums, the orchestra keeps the beat on either a bass or the lower keys of a piano.

* There are usually feature violins playing the melody line and instruments such as the piano.

* There are always four beats to a bar.

* They are always in a minor key and generally feature layers of repeated patterns.

* Astor Piazzolla, was a famous tango artist, who reinvented the tango over time.

Connection to Dance

* Tango dancing consists of a variety of styles that were developed in different regions and eras overtime.

* Tango dancing consists of walking with a partner to the beat of the music.

* Dancing to the emotion and speed of a tango is extremely important to dancing tango.

* Tango dancers generally keep their feet close to the floor as they walk, the ankles and knees brushing as one leg passes the other.

The Music Today

* Tango music is said to be making a complete come back and this type of music will soon play a major part in our music industry again.

* This music from generations past is now being reinvented to fit modern times.

* This music and dance was once done in a very fancy manner and is now being reinvented into a much causal dance.

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