Showcasing the Pride of Methacton

March 2019

Feature of the Month: Driver Education


The unmistakable sound of a car can generate a multitude of reactions depending on the listener. To a new driver, it’s a sound that may yield a sense of excitement and independence. But to the ear of a parent – who, for the first time, is allowing their newly-licensed young driver to take the car out on their own – it could inspire a more challenging concept. Thankfully, the Methacton School Board recognizes this emotional time for our students and parents by providing piece of mind – Driver Education training.

Obtaining your driver’s license is a rite of passage for many teenagers and to help them achieve this milestone in their life, Methacton High School offers Driver’s Education training through classroom, simulation and on-the-road instruction. The program guides students through the process of becoming a fully licensed driver – from obtaining their learner’s permit through official state testing to acquire their license.

Our two certified Driver Education instructors, Mr. Bob Lenahan and Mr. Bob McBride, are an exceptional team of professionals dedicated to delivering a program that educates students on the rules of the road. They are also effective leaders who help our students develop the patience and respect needed to become a safe and resourceful adult driver. Mr. Lenahan provides for the theory and on-the-road instruction, while Mr. McBride primarily conducts on-the-road training. Together, they instruct over 80 students each day of the school year.

Big picture

Recently, Methacton School District – with support from the Methacton Education Foundation – provided for the replacement of 5 state-of-the-art driving simulators. These simulators expose students to various challenging and hazard-laden scenarios in a controlled environment. They record operator reactions and response times, and provide after-action reviews that point out performance improvement areas for each driver. The simulator-based training approach improves critical driving skills, enhances decision making abilities, and increases the safety of your operations.

The Driver Education program accepts 150 students each semester for theory and another 60 students for on-the-road instruction. This highly sought-after elective program is just one of the many unique aspects of our curricular offerings that sets Methacton apart from other school districts.