Kellie Pickler

A Biography

Kellie Pickler's Career

Kellie Pickler was once an average girl, until she entered American Idol and became a singing sensation. She records at BNA Records in Colombia, where she sings her country songs like Red High Heels and Tough. She even designs kitty sweaters to raise money for various charities. Today, she is performing on Dancing with the Stars.

Kellie's Kindness

Kellie is a very caring person. She supports Red Cross, Soles4souls, and a lot more. When her friend Summer Miller was diagnosed with cancer, she made a pact that she'd shave her head for that friend. Kellie follows in the footsteps of her idol, Loretta Lynn. She loves the colors Red and Pink, and likes Thai food.

Some Short Facts About Kellie

Kellie's Crazy Life at Home

Kellie's Animal Friends and Home Life

Kellie has three dogs, named Moo Moo, Pixie, and Maddie, and she has a pet snake named Boots. Rumor has it, that Kellie is thinking about getting a chimpanzee for a pet. How weird! Kellie used to be called a "dumb blond" so she threatened to color her hair black, but never did. She says that she likes to watch football in her free time. Now that Kellie's famous, she has a whole closet to hold her shoe addiction.

Now You Know

Now you know a lot of information about Kellie Pickler. If you want to know more, you can always support her on the T.V. show Dancing with the Stars. She dances with Derek Hough. Maybe you can follow in her footsteps and be a singer if you like.