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Sydney Spann - Art Teacher


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I am a proud graduate of the University of Texas Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Studies (Art Education). I student taught here in Austin as well at Galindo Elementary and Austin High School. I am Texas certified Early Childhood-12th grade Art.

It is my 3rd year here at Hart and I think of it as my second home. I absolutely love the way our scholars and staff support each other to create an environment that encourages learning, growth and success.

I believe that art is an intrinsic part of every student's education and I ensure that my classroom is an example of the necessity of an interdisciplinary program. The linear elements and knowledge of proportions found in math, the stories and poems from language arts, the science of chemistry and color; all of these subjects and more connect and come to life through the visual arts. This visual knowledge can be connected to other subjects using problem solving and creative learning, which in turn, encourages students to respond with understanding, flexibility and imagination.

At Hart, the art classroom is a place for students to help our scholars grow and learn more about themselves, others and their environment. My students explore their own minds as well as the ideas of their classmates, relevant contemporary artists and historical figures. This allows our students to travel around the world to museums and sites, right from the comfort of our Austin classroom.

There are no mistakes in the art classroom- only new opportunities to learn!

Here at Hart we have a lot of fun making art, thinking creatively and fearlessly using our imaginations.


Instagram: @hartlovesart

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