Bevo POS Showcasing at NRA

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Bevo POS Showcasing at NRA

A revolutionary restaurant point of sale (POS) system, Bevo POS, is the first ever hybrid POS application and the first fully redundant POS application in the industry, making it one of the most reliable POS solutions ever available. It is no wonder the product is garnering so much attention ahead of the National Restaurant Association show.

Held in Chicago at McCormick Place, BevoPOS will be showcased in the Technology Pavilion in the North Hall. BevoPOS is the most all-encompassing whole-business system on the market. It offers reliability, stationary and mobile stations, on-line ordering, mobile table-side ordering and payment, off-site full-system management, real-time reports, and unprecedented level of business intelligence such as employee productivity, wait time, trending items, inventory, tender, etc., 24/7 tech support, customization, QuickBooks integration, over-night replacement, warranty, credit card processing and financing.

BevoPOS is sophisticated ingenuity that is reliable and user-friendly. Its unique architecture offers Internet independence and data redundancy, nearly eliminating the possibility of system failure. BevoPOS has also incorporated the most effective technology platforms, such as tablets, like iPad or Android and continues to watch for newly emerging options. What does that mean to the restaurateur? It means the restaurant Management keeps running, regardless of Internet accessibility, a network crash or failed hardware. This extraordinary capability is not available with any other POS in the market today.

The Bevo development team spent years in research and development to master the most common and significant challenges restaurant owners and their staff face each day. The result is the only truly comprehensive POS system, completely supported by the designers themselves. “We write the software, manufacture the hardware, host the cloud and server, and provide direct support,” explains Bevo’s CEO. “It’s the only way to make a system this revolutionary.” Direct support provided by Bevo’s own software developers offers unprecedented access to the most highly skilled tech support available, when you need it, and with a single call, 24/7. It is all part of the company’s desire to not only meet expectations but exceed them in every possible way and the outstanding reviews are proving they are.

Remarkably sophisticated inside, beautifully simple outside in both appearance and ease of use. Every system is customized to suit individual needs. The presentation is clean, organized and anticipates the needs of the user, from owners and chefs to bartenders and servers. Bevo POS was designed by those who have worked in the industry, as both owners and staff, in partnership with those who understand how people use software, resulting in the most intuitive, yet business savvy POS ever imagined. Whether you’re a small neighborhood pizzeria or an exclusive five-star restaurant, BevoPOS has the custom all-in-one system to support your needs. Live demos provide an opportunity for potential buyers to get to know the system before purchasing and can continue to be used to professionally and efficiently train staff.

The hybrid technology built into Bevo POS enables business owners and staff to use handheld tablets table-side to take orders, process payments, analyze sales and track inventory, while the system is updating the information continuously to Bevo’s in-house host server and their cloud database. With both cloud and server networking combined with each terminals ability to, by default, become a server (called host-node architecture), owners have the ability to access real-time data from anywhere, at any time, even in the midst of internet failures. These capabilities will change how establishments are able to function, ultimately allowing them to make smarter business decisions, both at the restaurant and from home.

To add to Bevo POS’s distinctiveness, yet another extraordinary component that makes this system exceptional are the Business Intelligence Dashboards. In any field, knowledge is power, in the restaurant business, knowledge is survival, and the data needed is rarely easily compiled. The business intelligence dashboards of BevoPOS monitor a restaurant’s performance, keeping track of efficiency measures from the types of tender used and individual employee productivity, real-time, during their shift. Informative Table Statistics allows clients to easily access information on consumer tabs, wait time, best selling items and more. Business data offers owners the ability to make effective and informed business decisions that, in turn, increase employee, service and sales performance. The added bonus with BevoPOS is that it can all be done from your couch on a tablet.

Clients, including yogurt and pizza shops, food trucks, deli’s, fine dining establishments and bars have all shared positive reviews in the areas of speed, simplicity, reporting systems, customization and tech support. Andre, a restaurant owner in New York City, said, “I had no idea I was missing so much critical information before I started using Bevo.” Knowledge is power, and with Bevo POS, knowledge means profits.

“When you invest in pos system for your business you want to make sure you are getting a reliable product,” noted Bevo’s lead designer. “Bevo’s highly sophisticated software along with its durable hardware make it one the most reliable systems in the marketplace.” With confidence in reliability, you can focus on strategic management of your business to ensure success.

Bevo is a leader in POS systems. A direct manufacturer that designs software platforms and applications that streamline restaurant and retail operations to help customers cut costs and improve efficiency. Intuitive understanding of the restaurant industry and the ability to convert that understanding into technological intelligence has made Bevo a sought after system. For more information, call 866.620.2785 or visit