fidel castro

a world leader

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is the president of Cuba the don't like him very much because he closely aligned with the Soviet Union. they bought a lot of sugar and gave Cuba economic and military aid.

Fidel Castro's early life

Fidel Castro is the Cuban prime minister and first secretary of the Communist party of Cuba. A lawyer by training, Castro led the Cuban Revolution and transformed the island into the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere.

Educated in private Jesuit boarding schools, Castro grew up in wealthy circumstances amid the poverty of Cuba's people. He was intellectually gifted, but more interested in sports than studies. He attended El Colegio de Belen and pitched for the school's baseball team. After his graduation in late 1945, Castro entered law school at the University of Havana and became immersed in the political climate of Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism and socialism

Cuba's Government


I dont like him because.....

Castro participates in an unsuccessful rebellion in the Dominican Republic against Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo. Also he said that he wants to replace Obama

He started to rule Cuba in 1959 through 2008 when his election was over