December 2019


Dress up Days:

Monday: Dec. 2nd Dress up like a TV Show or Book Character Day

Tuesday: Dec. 3rd Dress up like a Teacher day

Wednesday: Dec. 4th Dress up for Color Block Day

Thursday: Dec. 5th Dress up like a Tourist

Friday: Dec. 6th Dress up for Decades Day


Testing Schedule:

December 18- 1st and 2nd period EOC

December 19- 3rd, 4th, 5th/6th period EOC

December 20- 7th and 8th period EOC

Early Release Dates for December:

December 18 with 1:15 release time (Lunch will be served)

December 19 with 1:15 release time (Lunch will be served)

December 20 with 12:00 release time ( no lunch )

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6th Grade Open House (Strongly Encouraged)

We welcome incoming 7th grade students and parents to join us for an Open House on January 29th, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at South Junior High. We will have a short orientation meeting in the auditorium at 6:00 p.m. Families will then have the opportunity to tour the building to see classrooms, the cafeteria, gym and library. Students may learn more about our core subject classes, elective class offerings, athletics and clubs. A variety of spirit wear South attire will be available for purchase. See you there!


Holiday Break / Semester Break is December 23- Jan 3rd.

School Resumes on January 6th, 2020

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Education is important and every missed day of school represents lost learning opportunities. However, the Boise School District’s primary concern is for the safety of all students, including students riding busses and walking or biking to school. If students cannot safely travel to school or if schools are not able to operate safely because of citywide dangerous weather conditions, school may be cancelled.

We will not cancel school on days with normal wintery conditions. Light snowfall, cold mornings or areas of ice are not sufficiently dangerous to force the closure of schools. With proper precautions including appropriate clothing, road deicing, and careful driving, students can travel to and from school safely.

The Boise School District covers over 450 square miles of Ada County. We recognize that conditions vary throughout the District, even from street to street, in some cases. Conditions may be extremely dangerous in one area, while perfectly safe everywhere else. If parents believe it is too dangerous for their children to travel to school they have the option to keep their children home. If school is cancelled, it will be cancelled for the entire District.

The most frequent dangerous weather conditions facing Boise schools are:

SNOW: Snow levels within the City of Boise are typically light or moderate. However, there is always the potential for a heavy snowfall to make traveling by vehicle or on foot dangerous. Historically, most snowfall only results in slow traffic and minor accidents throughout the City. Normal snowfalls would not result in school closures.

COLD: Frigid temperatures are more serious than snow when making school closure decisions. On bitterly cold days our concern is for students walking to school. Extremely cold weather also impairs our ability to get busses running, which causes delays in pickup routes, delays which are much more dangerous to riders because of the low temperatures.

ICE: Ice is our most dangerous winter weather condition. Freezing rain and/or refreezing of melted snow make our roads, streets and sidewalks extremely treacherous for pedestrians, and vehicles. Icy conditions may force us to close, even if it appears that no other dangerous conditions exist.

How is the decision made to close or not to close school? Representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, the highway district, city and county law enforcement agencies, and school administrators, including the Superintendent, check the roads and monitor information throughout the night and early morning hours. We confer by telephone early in the morning to reach a decision.

If school will be closed, we will communicate in a number of ways to spread the word. In addition to notifying local radio and television news stations, we will send text & email messages to parents/guardians, send an emergency alert via the District’s mobile app, post closure information at, on each school’s website, and on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts. Parents/guardians can sign-up to receive emergency text messages by texting “Y” or “YES” to the number 67587. Non-parents (e.g., other family members, staff, news media, etc.) can also receive emergency text alerts via the Boise School District's mobile app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). View a brief video further explaining our Inclement Weather Procedures on our Emergency webpage.

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Strengthening Household Financial Security

South is offering its first of five free courses in our new Strengthening Household Financial Security program. These classes are totally free and include dinner and childcare at no cost. Classes are open to adults and teens in the South area, including our wonderful feeder elementary schools. More information is available at Our first class is listed below. For more details and the other classes, and to enroll, visit the site.

January 8, 6-8 pm: Stable Employment--Work with South staff and local business owners and managers to build your resume, learn job interview skills, and learn to understand your paystub.

Gratitude - Character Trait for November and December

What is gratitude? It is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and in general, makes us happier. So show some gratitude today.


The bus lane in the parking lot of the school is for the unloading and loading of students that ride the School Bus. Parents, we ask that this is not your drop off or loading point. Parents are ask to drop students off at the front of the school. There is a drop/loading point there.
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What is the AVID Elective?

The AVID Elective class supports students as they challenge themselves in more rigorous classes. Students engage in curriculum that enhances their knowledge on note-taking, time management, organization, writing, and research while being immersed in a college-going culture. The class also includes tutorials that are facilitated by college students and provides support for success in their academically rigorous curriculum. Additionally, the AVID class provides access to information about colleges and universities through field trips, guest speakers, college tutors, scholarship opportunities, and college admission requirement information.

Please Contact Tiffany Southern if this is a elective class your student would be interested in.