4C News

Friday, November 13, 2015


We have been super busy in room 141! The crayfish are still here.....and the snails have arrived! Snails are pretty fascinating and the kids just love the animals! Hydroponic update - we have flowers!!!


Mrs. Close’s Class – The kids continue to practice multiplying and dividing. We’ve worked our way up to dividing with a 4-digit dividend. A little challenging as kids work to keep all numbers organized and remember to bring down one digit at a time! Looking forward, the plan is to complete Module 3 before Thanksgiving break. You’ll find your child’s first CML competition in his/her Friday Folder. Next Tuesday will be the first MO competition!

Mr. Philipp's Class - This week, students were introduced to the area and perimeter formulas. They used given information to determine specific sides while comparing lengths and widths to similar rectangles. Students also were introduced to three strategies in solving two – digit by one digit multiplication problems – using a place value chart, partial products, and a “quick strategy” when using multiples of 10. Ask your child about each of these strategies. Also this week, Module 2 test was sent home. It was great to see the improvement from Module 1 to Module 2. Please review the test with your child, sign it, and return it on Monday.As always, please continue to have your child practice his/her math facts. They are crucial in helping your as he/she move through Module 3. Thank you in advance!


The small groups have been busy teaching the class about the different explorers. Next week the kids will be writing to the Governor about Columbus Day! I wonder if any of the kids will persuade the Governor to celebrate a different explorer.....

Feast of Favorites

For the last 14 years, 4C has had a Feast of Favorites. The feast was a smorgasbord of foods that didn't necessarily go together and weren't traditional Thanksgiving foods. This year we have to be a bit creative because of the new District food policy. All foods that we have as part of our feast have to be store purchased. I will order pizza for the kids. Look for a Signup Genius invite to take part in this fun celebration! If your child has food allergies, I will be in direct contact with you. :)

Parent Conferences

Our meetings are right around the corner! I have taped a yellow reminder in each Friday Folder of those kids whose parents have signed up. If you haven't signed up yet or you need to change your time....please visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0D4CAFAB2BABFB6-parent to make adjustments.

Book Orders

November orders are due by Wednesday, November 18th.


If you're look for extra practice at home......i-Ready is the perfect answer. Kids can log into i-Ready at home and complete extra math and reading lessons. I told the kids they can substitute 20 minutes of reading for 20 minutes of reading i-Ready up to twice a week!

Dates to Remember

November 18 ~ Turkey Dinner for School Lunch

November 24 ~ Feast of Favorites

November 25-27 ~ Thanksgiving Break, No School

December 1 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 3 ~ Half Day - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 4 ~ Half Day - Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 10 ~ Evening Parent Conferences