Maddie Sanders-2

Where did golf come from?

No one really knows where this wonderful and frustrating game came from in the history of golf. In the early records the Romans played a game of Paganica, in the streets of Londinimum, the Belgians a game of Chole, and Dutch game of kolven. Also the first person that played the wonderful game of golf was from Scotland. The history of golf also rapidly got popularity, that it eclipsed the sport of archery. Archery was so vital to Scotland's national defense, that playing golf in Scotland was made a criminal offence punishable by hanging! In Scottish golf history is from a game called "gouf," is referred to in acts of parliament under the Scottish king, James ll. In 1504, the first record of a golf match, was between James lV, and the Earl of Bothwell.

What you need to play and how

Each hole is a different pars, there are par 3's, 4's and 5's. You can have up to 14 clubs in a bag. There are different colored golf balls. Flexibility is needed for this golf technique. You need a good grip on the club to have a good shot. When you swing you need to make an "L" with your arms at the top. When you take the club back you need to keep your arms over the ball. In your follow- throw you need to keep your hips and shoulders moving toward the target. A jerky or uneven action will make a poor shot. You need a healthy diet so your game is easier to play. If your body language is poor than you WILL play badly!