English Language and Literature

ELLA4 Coursework

Thesis Paragraph

  • An open debate (Hypothesis and challenge it)
"Death and the meaning of life are prominent themes in the works of Duffy and Larkin."
  • Promulgate poems
  • Bring poems together
  • Explain the theme (refer back to it).

"Both poets show an acceptance of death's inevitability which in turn affects the manner with which they view life; however we spend it, whether with success or not, it remains fleeting."

Main Body

  • Close, in depth analysis
"Larkin adopts a more direct approach in the poem 'Ambulances' describing the morbidly sealed nature of being in an ambulance which leads to the persona on to contemplate the impersonal and indiscriminate nature of death which cuts us off from our past lives and huamnity."
  • Compare and contrasting points must be integrated
"Larkin describes how our acquisitions in life "harden into all we've got' rather than being meaningful achievments; signalling that he does not regard 'Dokery' as a better man for having 'taken stock/Of what he wanted' but rather that he followed 'a style' in his life to avoid being left with nothing.
  • Academic language throughout, but do not repeat senselessly
Words like 'persona' and 'palpable'
  • Plan structure and avoid waffling
some paragraphs have analysis of both poets and some paragraphs have just the one poem.
  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout and make sure it is appropriate