Art Movement: Fauvism

Lasted from 1904-1908 Thomas B.

Background History:

The Fauvism art movement started in France during the early twentieth century. It was begun by Henri Matisse and André Derain. Fauvism started because both Henri and André worked together to introduce an unnaturalalistic and vivid brushstokes in their paintings. Fauvism is expressed in bold, undisguised brushstrokes, and high-keyed, vibrant colors. Fauvism usually depicts people or scenes from nature such a a group of trees. André even made a self portrait using traits of Fauvism.

Major Artists in the Movement:

Henri Matisse: Henri was the leader of Fauvism. He developed Fauvism along with André Derain after rejecting the traditional, three-dimensional space and focused on more colored planes.

André Derain: He and Henri both founded Fauvism. Andre worked with Fauvism for a long time and wrote book illustrations of it until the 1920s where he developed the Neoclassical style.

Maurice de Vlaminck: Maurice came across both André and Matisse in his life in which he became a fauve and later took it to the next step with using highly intense color with his own fom of exuberant nature.

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Fauvism Trees

This piece of artwork looks amazing to me. Although it's an artwork of Fauvism, this painting appears more realistic than any of the others. The shadows diverting from a single light source, the blending of all the colors, and just the overall appearance of the painting looks fantastic. I could not find an artist or a date from which this was made, but whoever made this deserves the credit for painting such an excellent piece.