AP Literature & Composition Update

Week of September 28th

Can you believe it's almost October?

I don't know about you, but fall is in the air and I am loving it! It gets me excited to work ahead and attend weekly chat sessions! This week, in addition to focusing on skills to improve our writing and literary analysis, we will discuss our favorite Halloween costumes from the past. Feel free to wear yours to the chat, or post a picture of your precious little selves. :-) Hope to see you Monday at the chat.


All assignments have been graded from the September 24th due date. Zeroes have been entered for work not submitted. Remember, there is only a 10% penalty if you get missing work turned in by Monday. Wednesday, however, is the last day to turn in work from this grading period, with a 30% penalty. I always say that it's better to get some points than no points at all!