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The Tiverton Lions Club Hosts "The Future of Peace"

The Tiverton Lions Club hosted the "The Future of Peace" poster contest. It is a local contest which then goes to the state level -- and possibly national and international!

Pictured left to right TMS Art Educator, Mary Salvadore; Deryn Snigger, 8th gr, 2nd place; Julia Han, 7th gr, 3rd place; Olivia Ferraro, 7th gr, 1st place at local level and 2nd place at the state level; TMS Art Educator, Steve Schreiner. Not pictured: Avery Couto, 8th gr, 4th place.
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Jason Potvin Wins Patriot's Pen Writing Competition!

Jason Potvin, a Tiverton Middle School seventh-grader, was recently named the VFW District 2 first-place winner in the Patriot's Pen writing competition. His essay, which focused on the this year's theme "America's Gift to My Generation," placed third at the state level in which he was honored at the VFW Auxiliary Awards Dinner held in Cranston, RI. ​​

Pictured from left to right are Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US Chief of Staff, Roger Frye; VFW State Commander, William Siano; 2nd place winner, Jason Potvin; and VFW Auxiliary President, Stephen Doherty.
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March 2018 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - pictured left to right

Grade 8:
Jordan Potocki and Molly Morash
Grade 7: Ethan Chase and Adrienne Durand
Grade 6: Cora Simone and Laney LePage
Grade 5: Alexis Bigelow and Madison Norris
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February 2018 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Grade 8:
Aaron DeGala and Victoria McGovern
Grade 7: Samantha Hyson and Jed Pearce
Grade 6: Eamon Reardon and Connor Campion (not pictured)
Grade 5: Aiden Champ and Juliet Costa
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January 2018 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Grade 8: Connor Valdez and Mikayla Miranda
Grade 7: Casey Michaels and Samantha Gacioch
Grade 6: Lauren Lewis and Zoe Peckham
Grade 5: Charles Harrison and Olivia Herfert

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December 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Grade 8 Ethan Wood and Jennifer Sturges (not pictured)

Grade 7 Avery Denault and Justin Boissoneau

Grade 6: Payton Travis and Devin Bordner

Grade 5: Jenna Del Deo and Seth Aguiar

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November 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right are:

Grade 8: Tyler Rodrigues and Emily Servant (Not pictured)

Grade 7: Steven Coleman (Not pictured) and Giovanna Gramolini

Grade 6: Kylie Nieves and Megan Gorman

Grade 5: Joseph Newbury and Sophie Doucet


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October 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured from left to right are:

Grade 8: Ryan Rogalin and Keira McQueen

Grade 7: Nick Rielly and Angus Thomson

Grade 6: Katie Richardson and Aidan Medeiros

Grade 5: Lila Reimels and Salvatore Ross

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September 2017 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Pictured left to right:

Gr. 8 Chace Cirillo and Edyn Bzdula

Gr. 7 Keegan Dutelle and Abigail Costa

Gr. 6 Christopher Biello and Samantha Joslyn

Gr. 5 Cadyn Teixeira and Hayleigh Korzeniowski

March 2018 bits and bytes

Dear TMS Family:

We are all heartbroken for the Parkland community in Florida -- where students and staff were targeted during school dismissal time/a pulled fire alarm. Gun violence (college campuses, military bases, churches, movie theaters, outdoor concerts, malls, schools) is a multi-faceted societal problem, but please know that with the expert assistance of the Tiverton Police Department and Fire Department, we continuously analyze and fine-tune our campus protocols to minimize vulnerabilities and also promote peace of mind and feelings of safety. We thank you for your feedback and support during these past few weeks. The safety of our school community is a responsibility that we all share -- each and every one of us. Everything, even the hardest thing, is better together.

Please remember, there are so many ways to stay connected to your middle school all year long. Check out our staff-generated 2017/18 TMS Online Newsletter as well as the district's Facebook page to learn about some of the great things happening at TMS. Also, be sure to navigate to our homepage http://tms.tivertonschools.org/ to check out the resources there.

If only each of our kiddos came with a set of instructions...! The next best thing is TMS' latest Student Support Services newsletter March 2018 Middle Years Newsletter.pdf : it is filled with useful teen and tween-centric information, such as educating your child around the dangers of various “internet challenges” (i.e.Tide Pod challenge); supporting your student when it comes to preparing for state assessments; helping your tween become an “active reader.” ...good stuff. Enjoy!

At TMS, there is never a shortage of fun, engaging, educational activities. During the past few weeks our 7th and 8th graders enjoyed a Glow Dance – which included face painting, glow sticks and jewelry, and the amazing musical stylings of DJ Josh Mello. We had so much fun! Our 6th graders demonstrated their learning at the Sixth Annual Night at the Museum. The young historians recreated the era of the American Revolution through research and performance and regaled all present with first-person insights into our country's emerging democracy. In the weeks leading up to this unit, all 6th graders and their teachers completed the Boston Freedom Trail's 2.5-mile Walk Into History Tour and also hosted Revolutionary War Re-Enactors here in the TMS Library. Huzzah! Our 6th-grade teachers sure know how to bring history to life for our young people!

Also, a group of our students are involved in Tai Chi sessions – offered by Master, Terry Cannon. Mindfulness techniques are always welcome, as anxiety and stress plague so many of our tweens.

Several of our young artists were top finishers -- both locally and at the state level -- in Lions Club International's Annual Peace Poster Contest. One of our young writers earned top honors in the VFW’s Patriots Pen Essay Contest. Bravo! Several of our young musicians are engaged in the All-State journey. Stay tuned for concert information!

TMS actors (CORE program) performed an original play Who Am I Anyway? for the entire school! The thought-provoking piece, written by the students and directed by Gloria Crist, shines a light on the highs and lows of being a tween. Oh, my! As adults, we really do forget how challenging our own middle school years were. This play really does bring the experience of being an adolescent full circle. Well done!

Students in the Tiverton Middle School Life Skills class, along with their Adaptive Physical Education peer buddies received a visit from the Discovery Kitchen. The students assisted Chartwells Executive Chef Steven Dafonesca in preparing pasta with roasted veggies and beans. In addition to the cooking demonstration, students interviewed Chef Steven to learn more about his profession. After the demonstration and interview, students were given a behind-the-scenes tour of their very own school cafeteria kitchen and servery.

Seventh grade ELA teacher, Ms. Christina Hallman (TMS' Lions Club Educator of the Year!) has opened up her classroom doors every Monday for a drop-in Writers’ Workshop – where students can share their creative writing. Thank you and congratulations, Ms. Hallman!

REMINDER: your feedback is instrumental in honoring our successes and also in helping us grow as a school. There is still time to take the 10-minute survey http://surveys.panoramaed.com/ride : Tiverton Middle School's unique code is 33110family. Thank you for your time and attention to this and for all you do to collaborate with your school community. The survey closes soon, and we need your support to continue to move our learning community forward. Thank you in advance!

Finally, as we are well into 3rd-term, be sure to check the ASPEN parent portal to see where your scholar stands. Contact your student's teacher and/or guidance counselor if there are any concerns. Please call Ms. Freitas, the Guidance Secretary, at 401-624-6762, if you are having trouble accessing the parent portal system. A strong home-school connection is vital when it comes to nurturing our young scholars. We thank you for being invested and engaged parents and guardians. Once again, "everything is better together!" Stay tuned for more emails about upcoming activities (Dodge-Ball Tournament, Unified Basketball schedule, Grade 5/6 Dance, music concerts, and more!).

February 2018 Bits and Bytes

Dear TMS Families,

All of our scholars were sent home today with their Term 2 report cards. Be sure to take the opportunity to discuss current and past work habits and achievements with your scholar. As I always say: praise is a good thing, when it is warranted. Let loose if your child hit it out of the park. If the Term-2 grade report falls short of expectations, a good strategy is to focus on the positive while also assuring your son or daughter that you will support him or her in exerting greater effort in order to reach academic goals. ...heads up: there may be various school-related documents attached to your child's report card (immunization info, etc.).

...another REMINDER: Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for -- Wednesday, February 14th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and for Thursday, February 15th from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. There will be no school on Friday, February 16th (teachers will participate in a full-day of professional development) and no school on Monday, February 19th and Tuesday, February 20th -- a mini-February vacation!

Navigate to this link https://www.smore.com/5fahz and get a preview of our “Common Sense Media” info session for parents around cyber safety and digital citizenship – offered by TMS Librarian Deb O’Hara and TMS parent/professional librarian Jen Thomas during Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 5:00pm-7:00pm, in the TMS Library.

Link here for the: Middle Years February 2018.pdf. Our teens and tweens don't come with instructions, so take advantage of this monthly resource. The changing moods of teens and tweens, the rules of engagement when it comes to group/collaborative projects, the need to adapt "family rules" as our tweens mature and grow -- the newsletter is filled with helpful information on these and other topics related to supporting our adolescent scholars.

In addition, be sure to navigate to the TMS home page and check out the resources there (including the TMS calendar) as well as the district'sFacebook page. Our Scoop.It! for TMS Families has loads of helpful content -- including resources focusing on the social-emotional challenges that are unique to teens and tweens and possible triggers and supports.

At TMS, we just finished two exciting weeks of activities -- Project Purple, Geography Bee finals, 5th and 6th-grade dance, our competitive basketball season finale, supporting our 8th graders as they build their high school schedules (...so excited for our soon-to-be high school-bound kiddos!). Upcoming events include our annual "Night at the Museum" -- when our 6th-grade historians recreate the era of the American Revolution through research and performance and regale all present with first-person insights into our country's emerging democracy. It is not to be missed:Thursday, February 22nd from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the TMS Cafetorium! Also, there is a "Glow Dance" scheduled for Friday, February 23rd from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, for 7th and 8th graders. We like keeping our teens and tweens busy! Stay tuned for our Unified Basketball schedule. The games are so exciting to watch, and the camaraderie shines through like a beacon! Community is everything!

Once again, I speak for the entire staff when I say that it is an honor and a privilege to be your partner in your child's education. Never hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns.

Here's to a happy and healthy weekend for all!

Go Patriots (or not -- if you are an Eagles fan)! It's all good!


Dear TMS Families,

Happy New year! The weather and temperatures have wreaked a bit of havoc, but the upcoming week does bring some relief. For starters ....


Monday: Tacky Tourist/Traveler Day

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Decades Day ( 8th Grade: 80s; 7th Grade: 70s; 6th Grade: 60s; and 5th Grade: 50s)

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: School Spirit Day

Term 2 closes in two weeks! Time flies, for sure!

Link here for the Jan 2018 - Middle Years Newsletter.pdf. The importance of reporting bullying (which peaks during our kids' middle school years), a systematic approach to problem solving, quick tips for better public speaking experiences, and the benefits of designating a "no screens" time-zone at home -- the newsletter is filled with helpful information about these and other issues that affect our adolescent scholars. Parenting teens and tweens is not for the faint-hearted, so take advantage of this monthly resource and the support and skill-set that your children's guidance counselors and specialists offer. Link here for staff contact info. Along with a dedicated and responsive teaching staff, TMS has an extraordinary Student Support Services Team (guidance and assistance counselors, social worker, psychologist, nurse), for sure. It takes a village!

Also, remember to visit the district's Facebook page for all sorts of bits and bytes about our schools. The TMS Calendar is also handy -- as is our web portal , which has links to curated Scoop.it resources for families and our online newsletter -- which is always fun to scroll through. Enjoy!

Soon, your child will bring home his/her Parent-Teacher Conference Form for you to complete and return to the Guidance Suite. SAVE THE DATE: Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, 2/14/18 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and on Thursday, 2/15/18 from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. There will be no school on Friday, February 16th; Monday, February 19th; and Tuesday, February 20th-- sort of a mini-February vacation!

REMINDER for 8th-GRADE Families: Tiverton High School's 8th Grade Parent Night is scheduled for Thursday, January 11th, at 6:30pm in the high school auditorium.

... another SAVE THE DATE:

5th and 6th-Grade Families: Friday January 19th is the date of our next School Dance (Grades 5 and 6 only) @ 6:00pm-8:00pm. Chaperones (current BCI on file) are ALWAYS appreciated! Our 5th and 6th graders (over 200 attended) had so much fun at the last dance. Don't miss out!

It is an honor and a privilege to be your partner in your child's education. Never hesitate to contact us (info below) with your questions and concerns.

On this, one of the most "hot-cocoa-with-marshmallows" kind of days, we are sending the warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2018 for all!

December 2017 Bits and bytes

Dear TMS Families,

It is already mid-term (Term 2)! Where does the time go? Be sure to check the ASPEN parent portal to see where your scholar stands. Contact his/her teacher and/or guidance counselor if there are any concerns. Please call Ms. Freitas, the Guidance Secretary, at 401-624-6762, if you are having trouble accessing the parent portal system.

Also, check out the latest newsletters from TMS Student Support Services Middle Years Newsletter Dec 2017.pdf and the Newport County Prevention Coalition Prevention Coalition Newsletter - Late Fall 2017.pdf . In them, you will find bits and bytes on a number of issues affecting our "pre-" and "full-fledged" adolescents. Topics include: handling friendship changes -- which is common in middle school, the opportunity for our tweens to "reset" during the holiday break, and the power of parent/guardian engagement when it comes to raising healthy kids who resist risky behaviors.

In addition, be sure to navigate to the TMS home page and check out the resources there (including the TMS calendar) as well as the district's Facebook page. Our Scoop.It! for TMS Families has loads of helpful content -- including resources focusing on the social-emotional challenges that are unique to teens and tweens and possible triggers and supports.

Please join us in celebrating our performers at one of our Winter Concerts:

Wednesday, December 13 - Grades 7&8 @ 7:00pm at the high school auditorium

Thursday, December 14 - Grades 5&6 @ 7:00pm at the high school auditorium

There are also in-school performances scheduled within the next few weeks, so our musicians and singers can share and showcase their talents with their peers and teachers in the audience! Bravo!

Next Friday, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm is another dance -- just for our 7th and 8th graders. Chaperones (current BCI required) are ALWAYS welcome! Join in the fun, but you will likely not win the dance off! We have some talented break-dancers at TMS!

Our teachers, as always, are busy organizing enriching off-campus excursions and in-school programs for our young scholars, and the month of December is no exception. Fifth graders head out to view the critically acclaimed film Wonder, our 7th grade historians will get up close and personal with the Gilded Age in Newport ("The Elms" and "The Breakers"), and our 6th graders will enjoy the BWANA IGUANA REPTILE ADVENTURE -- an exciting educational and entertaining reptile show featuring snakes, turtles, and lizards!

Our boys and girls RIPCOA basketball season was kicked off last week, and our scholar-athletes are in a groove! Check our calendar for game times and venues. Go Foxes!

Our CyberPatriots and Mock Trial "lawyers" are highly engaged and benefiting from the many community volunteers and experts who share their time and talents with our youngsters. Navigate here to learn more about our clubs. There's something for everybody!

As always, it is an honor to partner with you to bring a world-class education to our middle school students. Our middle school is on the move! Notwithstanding an "implementation dip" when we moved from paper-based state assessments to computer-based, TMS consistently outperforms 2/3 (and rising) of the middle schools in the state, and TMS' accountability rating is the highest it has been in a decade. This is due to the hard work of our students and their teachers and specialists -- and also due to YOUR support and collaboration. Let's continue to soar higher, together!

May the holiday season be one of happiness, health, and heartwarming gatherings -- big and small.

November 2017 Bits and Bytes

Happy Fall y'all! Please take the time to link to our November 2017 Middle Years Newsletter . In it, you will find bits and bytes on various tween-centric issues, such as: the importance of respect for self, others, and the environment; encouraging self advocacy skills “agency” in your student; and how conversation connects people (more than texting does). Enjoy!

It has been a productive season of learning -- replete with enriching field trips (Mystic Aquarium, Boston's Freedom Trail) and exciting in-school presentations (today's musical concert, tomorrow's diversity rap and break-dancing program, last month's Ed Gerety pep talk). Our clubs and sports teams are in full swing. Cross country runners had a banner season, and Garden Club, Animal Advocates Club, Chess and Checkers Lunches, Mock Trial, CyberPatriot Competitors, Yearbook, and our performing groups are on fire! Thank you to all staff, parent and community volunteers who make it happen! It takes a village!

Spread the word: we are looking for a boys basketball coach (RIPCOA state league). Contact TMS Athletic Director, Steve Schreiner at sschreiner@tivertonschools.org if you are interested in impacting the lives of our young athletes as they grow and progress as competitors and citizens.

Reminder - Veterans Day: There is no school on Friday, November 10th, as our great nation pauses to honor all those who have served in the Armed Services. Link here for some creative ways to share the holiday with your child.

Please note: We are seeing an uptick in the number of students texting their parents from school – notably, after visiting Nurse Rocha for a health complaint that does not meet the criteria for dismissal. When Nurse Rocha informs the student that s/he does not meet the criteria for being sent home, the student circumvents policy and procedure (as outlined in the Handbook on p. 10) and texts or calls home. Thank you for supporting and collaborating with TMS staff on “nipping this issue in the bud.”

First-term report cards will be distributed next week -- Friday, Nov 17th -- to all students. Please be sure to check with your scholar to make sure she/he has brought it home. Be sure to take the opportunity to discuss current and past work habits and achievements with your scholar. Praise is always a good thing, when it is warranted, so let loose if your child hit it out of the park. If the Term-1 grade report falls short of expectations, a good strategy is to focus on the positive while also assuring your son or daughter that you will support him or her in exerting greater effort in order to reach academic goals. ...heads up: there may be various school-related documents attached to your child's report card (immunization info, etc.).

Our Grade 5 and 6 Dance is Friday, November 17th -- from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Tickets are $5 if purchased at school and $7 at the door. Parents may drop off -- but MUST enter the building (east-side entrance) in order to pick up your children. Parent (BCI on file) and staff volunteers are welcome!

Parent/Teacher Conferences are in a few weeks. We look forward to seeing you!
Monday, November 20th
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday, November 21st
2:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Reminder: There will be no school on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

As always, it is a pleasure partnering with each of you in nurturing the next generation of engaged citizens. Please expect a few more SchoolMessenger emails during the next few weeks. Onward and ...

OCTOBER 2017 bits and bytes....

Dear TMS Families:

TMS Health Services and the Rhode Island Department of Health will hold a Flu Clinic in the TMS Gymnasium, today, Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. You may fill out a consent form when you arrive at the clinic. Although insurance information will be collected, there are no out-of-pocket costs for anybody, regardless of health insurance status. Just a reminder: all students MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

It is already mid-term! Please log into the ASPEN parent portal to view your scholar's achievements. Teachers will contact you via email or hard-copy reports if there are any concerns as we reach the half-way point of Term 1. If you have not heard from your child's teachers by Friday, then it is safe to assume that all is well. As always, please feel free to check in with your child's guidance counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, attached is our latest newsletter from our Student Support Services Team TMS Middle Years Newsletter - October 2017.pdf . In it you will find bits and bytes on a number of issues affecting our "pre-" and full-fledged adolescents, for example: the tween “push-and-pull” – needy one minute and hyper-independent the next (sound familiar?), the importance of teaching our young people the ins and outs of financial literacy, and tips on fostering “stick-to-it-iveness” when homework and projects are challenging for our scholars. Enjoy!

As adults, we must always collaborate to ensure that each generation's childhood is filled with wonder and magic. However, all too often we are seeing and hearing the details of horrific shootings in various educational, religious, and cultural settings -- schools, churches, movie theaters, concert venues. This senseless violence is difficult for adults to fathom and impossible for our children to process. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a helpful site that includes the following article: Talking to Children About Tragedies and Other News Events. It includes smart tips for framing a difficult, complicated conversation so that our children and tweens feel empowered and safe, surrounded by caring adults at home and at school.

This brings us to .... As you are probably aware, the State of Rhode Island requires that schools practice “lock downs” and "pre-evacuations and evacuations” every school year. We ran an evacuation drill last week and will be running a “lock-down drill” soon. We have a very safe school; however, as a response to society at large, we need to continually construct protocols to protect our children. Please check out the TMS Homepage for additional bits and bytes, our online newsletter, curated content for TMS families (scoop.it).

It takes a village to raise a child. ~African Proverb

September 2017 Bits and Bytes

The start of the school year went off without a hitch – thanks to you, your child’s teachers, and the TMS support staff. Everything is better together!

LATE BUSES: Late buses officially start on Monday, September 11th. Late buses run every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the school year. Homework Club, Garden Club, XC, classroom study groups ... are all good reasons to take advantage of late buses. All clubs meet on days when late buses are available. Mr. Darryl Rodewald (drodewald@tivertonschools.org) is the late-bus supervisor, and assists all students in accessing the correct bus/route (three separate buses/routes). Several research studies reveal that when students engage in extra-curricular activities, their achievement rises! Let's get our kids involved! Stay tuned for more club offerings.

TMS' FALL OPEN HOUSE is this upcoming Wednesday, September 13th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Meet and greet your scholar's teachers. Families of our 6h, 7th, and 8th graders, please be sure to bring a copy of your child's schedule, so you may follow "Day 1" and get a feel for a day in the life of your middle schooler. All of grade 5 families will meet in the cafetorium for a brief informational session. Parents/guardians of 5th graders are then encouraged to explore the hallways, classrooms, and meet the co-curricular teachers. Parents may bring in their child's schedule to serve as a guide. Refreshments will be available for purchase, with proceeds going to charity (hurricane victims).

MIDDLE YEARS NEWSLETTER: A strong home-school partnership is a win-win for the entire school community. We thank you for being invested and engaged parents, and for collaborating with us on your child's education and active citizenship. Enjoy our Middle Years Newsletter - Sept 2017.pdf -- filled with useful information. This month's content includes tips for helping our tweens assume more responsibility over their academic lives as well as advice on helping our scholars develop good manners around cell-phone use during family and social engagements.

DROP-OFF-AREA: As you can see, we have a newly-paved parking lot. Our traffic pattern remains the same, but we now have a dedicated “drop off "area" (east side of building, yellow curbing and outlined drop-off lane) that allows for more than one student to be dropped off at the same time as long as the car is aligned within the designated area. As always, please use care and proceed slowly towards the speed bump at the crosswalk. We thank you for your cooperation.

It is a privilege to partner with each of you.

...see you at Open House on Wednesday! We know how busy you all are, so we will send out another reminder within the next few days.

Warmest regards,

The Faculty and Staff of Tiverton Middle School

Celebrating Student Success!

TMS recognizes students and honors student voice in a variety of ways:

"All-Around" Students of the Month (staff recommendations)
Music Students of the Month (staff recommendations)
Physical Education Students of the Quarter (staff recommendations)
TMStudent Leaders/Coalition Cafe (peer-mentoring group - staff recommendations)
TMS Food Advisory Group (staff recommendations)
All-State Musical Artists (merit based)
Newport Daily News Student of the Week (Grade-8 staff recommendations)
Scholastic Art Awards (merit based)
National Geographic Bee (merit based)
Regional, State, National Spelling Bee (merit based)
Quarterly Honor Roll (merit based)
Quarterly High Honor Roll (merit based)



TMS Sixth Graders Celebrate Heroes of the American Revolution! See link below!


Big picture
Big picture

Mr. Leary's 8th Graders create their own 21st-Century versions of the "Cave Paintings of Lascaux"



Big picture
Peaches (6th graders voted, to name her), TMS' lovable Corn Snake, molts for a 2nd time this year!


ELA Corner

Get Your Game On!

-- TMS' 2018 Bananagrams Tournament will take place in January and February: Finals will be held after school -- dates TBA.

--In January 2018, Classrooms will begin the 1st rounds of the annual TMS Spelling Bee: Grade Level Winners will be determined by the end of that month.

Big picture
Big picture
Last year's 8th graders present their "Poesters"... a mini-research project on the mysterious death of Edger Allan Poe



Our 6th graders know: those who read succeed!



Last year's 7th Graders Enjoyed a Field Trip into History!

Once a year, when it’s Christmas time at the Newport Mansions, America’s Gilded Age comes to life, as bright and vibrant as it was during a bygone era, when the country’s social history was being made by names like Vanderbilt and Astor. After studying "The Gilded Age," our all of our 7th graders and their teachers traveled to Newport for a tour of Breakers -- which is the grandest of all of the area's mansions and is the one that best represents the Gilded Age. It is a 70-room Italian Renaissance-style palazzo, built in 1895 for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, president and chairman of the New York Central Railroad.


Big picture
Big picture
On Wednesday, October 26th, last year's 6th-grade students embarked on their annual field trip to Boston’s Freedom Trail. It was a glorious fall day, filled with history and fascinating facts!

On Wednesday, October 19 of 2017, the entire 5th grade headed to Mystic Aquarium! Thank you A.S. Feinstein for your generosity -- free admission and help with transportation costs! You do so much for Rhode Island's children!
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All clubs meet on days when late buses are available (either on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday). Mr. Darryl Rodewald (drodewald@tivertonschools.org) is the late-bus supervisor.

GARDEN CLUB: The courtyard in the middle of the school is central to TMS' new Garden Club. At TMS, students learn about ecosystems. This allows our students to have a deeper understanding of concepts and apply their knowledge to real hands-on experiences. In regards to the garden, there are many benefits. The school garden can be: a source of food for improving children’s diets and nutrition sources; a source of healthy influences -- physical activity, ingredients for school meals; an area of learning -- about nature, agriculture, nutrition, math, and other subjects; a place of pleasure and recreation -- flowers and shrubs, play areas, shade, eating areas; a continuing lesson in respecting the environment and taking pride in one’s school; a gathering spot for our community to socialize. Join in the fun!

GSA: TMS’ Gender Self Awareness group will meet every Thursday. Meetings will be held in Room 135 (Christina Hallman's room). This group is for any 7th and 8th graders who need personal support around gender issues -- or who wish to support their friends, siblings or other family members. GSA will provide a safe and open space for kids to talk about any and all sensitive issues. For any additional information, please contact Christina Hallman (challman@tivertonschools.org).

CYBERPATRIOT TEAM: TMS' CyberPatriot Team participates in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. Ms. Cheryl Morgan (cheryl.morgan1@hotmail.com) is the advisor. The competition puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly-hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cyber-security vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services.

HOMEWORK CLUB: Homework Club runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is held in the TMS Library from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. TMS' Librarian, Ms. Deb O'Hara (Dohara@tivertonschools.org) is the club advisor.

MOCK TRIAL TEAM: We have several students signed up for the new Mock Trial Team. TMS' Social Studies Coordinator, Mrs. Christine Costa, is the Team's advisor and Attorneys Jeffrey Sowa, Jennifer St. Laurent, and Brigid Mitchell are serving as legal advisors to the team. Please tell your sons and daughters who are aspiring lawyers -- or who just like to argue with you (LOL!) -- to see Mrs. Costa for details (ccosta@tivertonschools.org). Here is a quick summary: the season runs from now until about May. There are three regular season trials followed by the playoff rounds. Round one is in November, two is in December, and round three should be in January. The playoffs will begin in February and go to the end of April. The trials are always in RI court rooms around the state, many of them in Providence court rooms, and they are from 12:30pm (arrival time 12:15) to about 2:00pm.

NEWSPAPER CLUB: This club is an offshoot of both the Yearbook Club and TMS' Community Service Program. Mrs. Louann Pauls (lpauls@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor. Generally, the Newspaper Club runs on the same days as the Yearbook Club.

Peer Tutoring in Math: This group is open to 5th and 6th grade students who want a math boost. Tutors are 7th and 8th graders and are supervised by Ms. Richards (arichards@tivertonschools.org).

SCIENCE CLUB: The TMS Science Club focuses on animals/endangered species. Ms. Ruth Kilby (rkilby@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor and is gearing up for the year's activities. Stay tuned.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS: TMS' Unified Basketball program -- in its 5th year -- gets our school spirit soaring! Ms. Deidre Gauch (dgauch@tivertonschools.org) is the point person for UBB.

WORLD CULTURES CLUB: This club focuses on world languages and cultures and is run by TMS' World Languages teachers, Ms. Kim Howland (khowland@tivertonschools.org) and Ms. M. Natalia Vieira (mvieira@tivertonschools.org) -- meeting days/times TBD.

YEARBOOK CLUB: This club is VERY popular -- and meets every Wednesday and Thursday, unless otherwise noted. Ms. Samantha Possemato (spossemato@tivertonschools.org) is the advisor.

Writers' Workshop: This group meets, informally, in Ms. Hallman's (challman@tivertonschools.org) room every Monday after school to share their creative writing pieces.

Stay tuned for more info, as there are after-school "pop up" activities (i.e. planned jewelry making classes and CPR certification classes) all the time! Be sure to check out the TMS web site and calendar to stay informed!

RIPCOA Sports Corner


Our co-ed XC team, once again, had a stellar season! With 75 athletes participating in all state meets, there were many team and personal wins! Cach Steve Schreiner always knocks it out of the park! Thank you XC parents who assist at every meet. We could not do this without you! Go Foxes!

The boys and girls basketball season starts at the end of November. Welcome Coach Mike Brigham -- and welcome back Coach Rachel Motta!We are all looking forward to a winning season!


Big picture

The TMS Garden Club Receives a Grant from Lowe's!

The Garden Club received their first grant from LOWE'S in the amount of $2,380! The first phase of cutting the tree down was complete after Thanksgiving and in the next few weeks, Garden Club members and those who want community service hours will be called to help clear the debris. Our goal for the spring is to level the area on the north side and set up the raised beds for the garden. Garden Club will resume in March full time on MONDAYS. As of now, it is full but if you would like to join, please stop by Mrs. Brennan's class to sign up on the wait list.

TMS' New GARDEN CLUB Starts Now!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our Garden Club has officially started. On Thursday, October 20th we will begin pulling out the over grown plants in the old pond in the courtyard. If you have gently used child-size gardening gloves, or gardening tools that we could borrow for that day, we would appreciate it. Also, the garden club is open to all grades at TMS. We meet twice a month -- with late bus availability.

In addition, I am looking for parents and/or community members who have experience and/or resources to help us. Whether it be in garden design, knowledge of proper planting time, or being able to help find materials, I would be happy to hear from you. Please email me. Most of the hands-on will begin in the spring, but the design must be planned.

With your help, I am sure that our school garden will be a success!


Margie Brennan

6th Grade Science Teacher




Mr. James Korney receives the Golden Apple Award (Mr. Korney was nominated by the Marshall Family)


Bring in your pull tabs for charity!

Please continue to bring in your can tabs. Mrs. Donna Neville continues to bring them to the Providence Ronald McDonald House. Thank you, Donna, for all you do!


TMS Mission Statement

Tiverton Middle School is committed to providing a learning environment that promotes the unique talents and abilities of all students, ensures high quality instruction, and actively engages families and the community. Our dedication to excellence is integral as we challenge, guide and support all students in their development towards becoming self-sufficient and contributing citizens of our local and global communities.

March 2018 STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - pictured left to right
Grade 8: Jordan Potocki and Molly Morash
Grade 7: Ethan Chase and Adrienne Durand
Grade 6: Cora Simone and Laney LePage
Grade 5: Alexis Bigelow and Madison Norris