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April 28th

Dates To Know

  • April 30th: Renaissance Lunch

  • April 30th: Parent College Planning Seminar (flyer is in the details below)

  • May 1st: Talent Show and underclass awards (during school day- normal arrival of 8:50am)

  • May 4th: Jr/Sr Prom

  • May 6th-17th: AP Exams

  • May 11th: Coppell Run to Fund

  • May 13th: Reschedule Falcon Fling... more details coming

  • May 15th: FLEX, 9:00am arrival

  • May 15th: Senior Dinner at Great Wolf Lodge

  • May 17th-23rd: Final Exams

  • May 23rd: Graduation Practice at IBC at 12:00pm

  • May 23rd: Last Day of School

  • May 24th: Graduation at IBC at 3:00pm

Seen at New Tech

Picture From The Day 2019

New Tech Talent and Awards Show

  • All learners are expected to wear professional dress to our Talent and Awards Show on May 1st.
  • Parents of learners receiving awards have been called and notified. We ask that parents leave after awards are concluded.
  • We are providing free breakfast to staff and learners the morning of the Talent Show and Awards.
  • Pizza will be on sale after the Talent Show and Awards in our cafeteria.

AP exam info

AP exams will be given May 7th-17th at NTH@C. All communications about testing locations and reporting times will be communicated to the learners signed up for the tests through e-mail by Mrs. Daniel. Additional calculators will be provided to learners that do not bring one for those exams that allow calculator use. Please refer to theAP Bulletin for Students and Parents for important information on how to prepare for exam day. Learners taking morning AP exams are permitted to take a 1-hour off-campus lunch immediately following the exam. This only applies to morning exams.

Teen Leadership Coppell

The mission of Teen Leadership Coppell is to provide leadership training through knowledge and skills, motivation, and collaboration to prepare youth for everyday contributions as current and future citizen leaders.

Students currently enrolled in the 10th grade and are either students in Coppell IndependentSchool District or residents of the City of Coppell are eligible to apply. Students interested in leadership techniques and community awareness to help them make a positive impact on their school and community are encouraged to apply.

Monthly sessions will be held to run concurrently with the school year. Students will develop the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed in leadership positions while learning about service opportunities around the community. Commitment to attend all activities by the student is essential to the program’s success.

The topics for the monthly sessions will include:
· Leadership Skills
· Career Options
· Volunteer Opportunities
· Personal Health
· Team Building
· Cultural Awareness
· Business
· Government
· Student Selected Service Project

The Teen Leadership Coppell Selection committee is made up of community leaders and volunteers. Selection of participants will be based on information provided in the written application and interview.

Applications are only available on through this website

Application Deadline is: Friday, May 3, 2019

THIS YEAR, students are to submit videos with their applications; we will follow up via student email should we need to interview you in May - see all details in the application.

Applications can be found at:

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Summer Food

Sack Summer Hunger Program for Summer 2019 registration is available for families that need help with providing meals through out the summer. If you are interested in finding out more information or registering your family, please see this flyer from Metrocrest. See the PDF below this for the flyer.

Dual Credit Registration


Please read the following information carefully if you intend to register for Dual Credit courses this Summer OR in the Fall.

Attached is the Dual Credit packet. You can go HERE to view the class schedule for North Lake. You may go HERE to access the campus Dual Credit site (Dual Credit presentation, packet, dates, and more)

Dual credit registration for the Summer and Fall semesters open 4/29. Below are important dates:

  • Priority Registration (current students) - begins April 23, 2019
  • Regular Registration (new students) - begins April 29, 20109
  • Registration ends May 17, 2019
  • Classes begin June 6th for Summer and August 26th for Fall

If you have never taken a dual credit course before, then you will need to follow the detailed instructions in the attached dual credit packet. A brief overview is below:

  1. Apply to DCCCD
  2. Create an eConnect Account
  3. Take the TSI (unless exempt)
    • Exemption Criteria
      • ACT Aspire - 435 English, 431 Math
      • ACT - 23 Composite with minimum of 19 in English and/or Math
      • SAT - 480 on EBRW and/or 530 on Math
      • See packet for more
    • When and How to take TSI
      • Go to Northlake to get referral from dual credit advisor
        • North Campus Tue and Wed 8:30-5:30
        • Central Campus Mon-Thu 8:30-4:30 or Fri 8:30-2:00
      • Take TSI
        • See dual credit packet for testing center hours
  4. Prepare and gather all required forms below and in the attached packet
    • Complete form HERE (required)
    • Turn High School Enrollment form in to box outside Kennington's office. It will be signed and then returned to you with your transcript.
  5. Take forms to Northlake to Enroll in course after registration opens.

If you have taken dual credit before, then you will need to:

  1. Complete form HERE (required)
  2. Complete and turn in ONLY the High School Enrollment form to box outside Kennington's office. It will be signed and then returned to you with your transcript.
  3. Take forms to Northlake to enroll in course after registration opens.

**Do not sign up for a course that will not fit in your NTH@C schedule. You are not allowed to show up late or leave early from a class for dual credit.**

Please remember to send an official transcript to New Tech at the end of each semester for which you take classes. We need these transcripts to add your courses to your high school transcript.

If you have any questions about dual credit, then please e-mail me or stop by and see me. Do not wait until the last minute.

Thank you,


Exam Exemption Criteria



  • No exemptions allowed. Freshmen will take all semester exams.


  • Fall Semester - No exemptions allowed. Sophomores will take all semester exams.

  • Spring Semester - May be exempt from 1 exam if they meet the criteria below.


  • Fall Semester - No exemptions allowed. Juniors will take all semester exams.

  • Spring Semester - May be exempt from 2 exams if they meet the criteria below.


  • Exemptions allowed. Seniors may be exempt from ALL semester exams if they meet the criteria below.

Exemption Criteria

  • You may have no more than 2 excused absences in a class. If a learner has ANY unexcused absences they do not qualify for exemptions.

  • Learners can have no more than 4 tardies for the class.

  • You must be in the class the entire instructional period.

  • Your semester average in the class must be an 85 or higher.

  • You must have completed the 10 community service hours for each year.

  • You must not have received In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, DAEP, or JJAEP during the current semester.

  • Fall Exams(Seniors ONLY)

    • Job Shadowing hours (10) must be complete from Junior year.

    • Internship consent form, interest form, and contact form must be completed by December 5th.

    • Your Capstone research component must have been turned in on time and received a grade of 80 or higher.

  • Spring Exams

    • Job Shadowing hours must be complete for Juniors and Seniors (10 hours).

    • Internship hours must be complete for Seniors (15 hours).

    • Your Capstone presentation must have been completed with a grade of 85 or better on the first attempt.

Eligibility for an exemption will be based on the above criteria and the learner’s conduct in a class. If you are exempt:

  • You will be notified at least 3 days before the first exam.

  • Your semester average will be determined by averaging your 2 nine-week grades.

  • You may still take the exam if you wish. The score from the exam will be averaged together with your 2 nine-week grades to determine your semester average only if the exam improves your grade.

Lost your photo ID?

Students who have lost their ID cards can go to our website at the top of the paige says ID cards they can choose that option and order an ID, it will ship to their home for $5.00.

Updated Shuttle Schedule

Please click here for the updated shuttle schedule