Greyhound Newsletter 8/13/21

LOTS of Back To School Information!

Back to School 2021

Welcome back, Greyhound Family, and a special welcome to our newest Greyhounds!

While we have been hopeful for a completely normal return to school, as COVID numbers rise we know that probably won't be the case. However, with some mitigation measures in place, we WILL be able to have almost all of our normal back-to-school events and a nearly normal start to the school year. The staff at East High School is so excited to have everyone back in the building full time this year. We can't wait to see you all at Jump Start and Open House and look forward to welcoming our 9th graders at Hound Pack. We have learned well in the last year or so that things can change quickly and we will continue to be prepared and keep you informed as much as possible.

I will continue to send newsletters weekly for awhile until we feel things are settling down. At that point EHS newsletters will likely switch to bi-weekly. This one has a lot of information on it, probably more than you can read in one sitting, so hang onto it for reference later.

Important items included in this newsletter:

1. Required Fall Forms, including the chromebook agreement required for all students

2. Optional forms including the big ones for seniors (parking and open campus lunch)

3. Schedule and Schedule Change Information

4. A link to the East Events 2 page printable calendar

5. JUMP START and school photo ordering information

Our offices have been fielding a number of common questions lately and I'd like to provide any answers that I have at this point.

1. Will we be in person? YES! 5 days a week!

2. Is distance learning an option? No. If you want or need full time distance learning it will have to be through registering in Duluth's online school, Academic Excellence Online, or another MN approved provider. You may not take East classes permanently online this year.

3. What will the daily schedule be like? Back to normal, 6 periods, WIN is back, 30 minute lunch time.

4. Is social distancing still required? NO. This means juniors will NOT have the option to leave at lunch this year. We are closed campus for grades 9-11. No exceptions. Sorry. Seniors still have open campus lunch and may leave IF they have their student ID and the permission form completed. (See below.)

5. Are we getting Chromebooks again? YES. Every student at East will be assigned a district chromebook. You may not bring in your own device this year, you must use the district chromebook. You'll get a case for it to keep it safe so you can carry it separately or put that case in your backpack to and from school.

6. Are masks going to be required? They are right now and we anticipate that continuing into the beginning of the school year. We will let you know if this changes. Whether we agree with this or not, we will all follow the district mandates related to health and safety.

7. Will activities be back to normal? As of now, yes. We are moving forward planning as many of our normal back-to-school activities as possible. The only exception is the traditional assemblies that would put our entire student body packed into the gym together. We will be finding other options at least at the beginning of the year for those events by splitting them up, moving them outside, or putting them online.

East Events Calendar

This is the summary document of all major events at EHS. For full details and team schedules, visit the link at the end of the newsletter. *ALL DATES AND EVENTS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to COVID, weather, etc.

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What if we are uncomfortable coming to the large back-to-school events or can't make it?

We know that we have community members and students who are at risk and still working to avoid large gatherings and potential COVID exposure. If you cannot come to Jump Start or Open House, we will do our best to meet your needs in other ways. For example, our teachers will still record open house videos we will share with you. All of the required forms can be completed online (with the exception of the health form). Schedules will be visible online for students prior to the start of the year or picked up in the office after Jump Start.

As you receive your counseling assignment next week you can also work with them if you have concerns about other events or things you need to take care of for the fall return.

Jump Start is Scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 from 12:00-6:00 pm.

*Please note: each student may only bring ONE guest and masks are required!

Jump Start registration will take place on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 from 12:00-5:45 p.m. This year to control the flow and lines, we are asking that you sign up for a time slot. Please click here or on the button below to sign up: Jump Start 2021

What is Jump Start?

  • Students will receive their schedule and locker assignments.
  • All students in grades 9-12 will have their school pictures taken on this day. For grades 9-11 this photo is for the yearbook and a new student ID. Seniors are required to get their photo taken for an ID that all students MUST have. You must be recognizable, no face paint, hats or sunglasses.
  • All required forms are linked in this newsletter and can be found on our website. We ask that you complete the forms prior to Jump Start but they are all REQUIRED to be completed by Friday, September 10, 2021. If you are unable to complete the forms online we will have paper forms available at Jump Start and in the office during open hours.
  • Visit our Activity Fair! It will be also open again during Open House. This is an amazing chance to visit tables set up around our commons area and learn more about the incredible opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom.
  • If you are entering grades 10, 11, or 12 and are new to our building, we will have students available on Jump Start Day to take you on a tour. This is especially important for any students who stayed in distance learning all year. Take the opportunity to find your classes and learn your way around. (9th grade students will have full tours during Hound Pack on September 1.)

Click the flyer above to place an online order for school photos!

The link above is active for 48 hours after picture day. Once this code expires, families can still order pictures through for their students with the codes (Portrait ID & Access Code) that are provided on the proof sheet. These proof sheets come with the bulk shipment of packages approximately 3-4 weeks after picture day. Every student that had their picture taken will receive a proof sheet.

If you have questions about their order, or are having troubles ordering, contact LIfetouch Customer Care at 1-800-736-4753. The hours are Monday - Friday. 8am-8pm, EST.

Printed Planners will be available for all students again this year. Pick up at Jump Start or in the Main Office after Jump Start.

Click to Order a Welcome Back T-shirt from Exec

Each fall Exec Board sells shirts to students at a very low cost. Click here to sign up to purchase yours. They will be distributed the first week of school.

Required Back-to-School Forms

REQUIRED FOR EVERY STUDENT: To be completed and submitted by Jump Start (Wednesday, August 25, 2021) in order to pick up schedules and locker information. Thank you for taking the time each year to learn about our policies and procedures and to help us learn about your student! If you don’t attend Jump Start these forms must all be completed by Friday, September 10, 2021.


Option 2: PRINTABLE OPTION - print or request copies from the office at 218-336-8845 or stop in

  1. Chromebook Agreement Form
  2. Educational Benefits Form

What about my schedule?

You'll be able to pick up a copy of your tentative schedule at Jump Start. After that time, you'll be able to schedule an appointment to see your counselor if changes are NEEDED. If you miss Jump Start, schedules will be open to view in Infinite Campus beginning at 4 pm on Friday, September 3.

SCHEDULES ARE NOT FINAL UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. As changes are made we often need to re-balance classes. The classes you have shouldn't change, but the hour and teacher might.

Prior to the end of last year, students made a commitment to their course requests that will be strictly adhered to. The schedule was built based on these requests allowing little room for movement. Every effort was made to honor those requests but there may be limited cases where this wasn’t possible or a change needs to be made. We mailed home a course verification sheet over the summer to inform you of courses that will not be offered. If a course you registered for isn't running, you should have emailed your counselor to request an appointment already to select a different course (and/or you'll be placed in an alternate selection you registered for.)

Schedule changes will ONLY be made if a form is completed and turned in (NO EMAIL OR PHONE CALLS ACCEPTED):

  1. The student failed a class and needs to retake it.

  2. The student didn’t register for a class required for graduation.

  3. There was an error and a student was placed in a class they didn’t register for.

  4. The student is scheduled for the same class twice.

  5. There is a gap in your schedule and/or the student is registered for two classes in the same hour.

  6. The student wishes to make a change into or out of a study hall.

We will NOT be considering schedule changes if:

  1. The student is requesting a different teacher (unless the student failed a class with that teacher previously).

  2. The student is requesting a different lunch.

  3. The senior student is trying to re-arrange for an early release or late start.

  4. The student changed their mind about what was requested at registration.

  5. They are trying to re-arrange their schedule to be with friends.

Any student who meets any of the allowed circumstances may pick up a schedule change request form that must be signed before it is turned in to the counseling office. Please be patient when requesting a schedule change. Counselors are unable to meet with everyone on the first day and you may have to wait for an appointment. Students should report to their assigned class until the meeting with their counselor to see if a change is possible.
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SENIORS ONLY: Late Start/Early Release and Open Campus Lunch Forms

Seniors are only allowed to take one period off as an early release or late start. If you are currently scheduled for a study hall in that period you will remain in that study hall, required to attend, until the Early Release/Late Start Form is completed and turned in to the office and your counselor changes your enrollment. Seniors who have a late start or early release AND a study hall MUST be in attendance for the study hall in order for your enrollment to be considered full time.

We are allowed to have open campus for lunch as long as the parent/guardian and student agree to the following conditions. Failure to meet these conditions may result in the privilege of open campus being revoked for the student and possibly for the entire senior class. Students MUST have this completed form submitted by the parent/guardian in order to be allowed to leave campus.

You MUST have your student ID on it's lanyard and in order to be allowed to leave at lunch. Those students with a completed form will receive a sticker for the back, making it easily identifiable by supervisory staff and principals at the door.

Additional Forms You May Need

  • Yearbook Website Please visit the Birch Log site to learn how to order a yearbook, send in senior photos, etc. a table will be set up at Jump Start- the price goes up as the year goes on, order as soon as you can!

  • Music Boosters Contact Info Form- THIS ONE IS PRINT ONLY - copies will be available at Jump Start - for all families who want to receive communication

  • All Night Grad Party Registration Form (Seniors only)

  • PTSA (Parent/Teacher/Student Association) Membership form, Wish List information (optional for all)

ALL CHROMEBOOKS, TEXTBOOKS AND LIBRARY MATERIALS ARE DUE! All missing materials and fines must be taken care of prior to the start of the school year.

Parking Pass Applications

*Remember that we have relatively few parking spaces available for our population of students. MANY of you will not get a permit. Our priority is to take as many cars off the street for as much time as possible during the day, which is why only those students taking a full load of classes at East are eligible. We do realize that parking near East is a huge inconvenience. Remember to be good neighbors and only park in legal areas on the streets if you're not in a lot.

*During the first week of school, parking in the main lot is first-come, first-served. Students are NOT allowed to park on Greyhound Drive, in the Stadium Lot, or in the Staff Lot across the street. You can expect a Duluth Police Department Parking Ticket should you violate our parking rules. Repeat offenses result in your car being removed (towed).

*NEW this year, you will not have to submit a paper copy of your valid driver's license or proof of insurance. You WILL be asked to show them at the time of permit distribution.

Counseling Office Notes: Welcome New Counselors!

Duluth Public Schools is using some of its ESSER funding to add School Counselors at East High School. We are thrilled to welcome these new counselors and appreciate the additional time we will now be able to devote to our students in these much smaller caseloads.

New Counselor Assignments will be coming next week. East will have 4.5 School Counselors this year. The hiring process is nearly complete and we will notify you of the new counselor assignments as soon as possible. If you have questions before that please contact the counseling office and we'll do our best to help you out.

Counseling Office Contacts:


Jenn LaBelle, Registrar: ext 2143,

Jamie Savre, Counselor: ext 2154,

Jessica Forsman, Counselor: ext 2041,

SENIORS and FAMILIES OF SENIORS! Join us for Future Planning Night on Monday, August 16th at 6:00pm at East High School. This event will include colleges and universities from Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota as well as military recruitment officers and youth employment services.

Meeting Mental Health Needs

Click for resources both at East and in our local community for supporting student and family mental health.

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Activities Office News

CLICK HERE for the Athletic Registration Packet (can be filled out online if you are currently enrolled and in the system as an East High School Student)

Please have the following information ready before starting the registration process:

  • ISD709 Student Number (Lunch Number)
  • Contact Information (E-mail Addresses, Phone Numbers)
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Family Medical History
  • Health/Dental Insurance Information

We welcome a new Activities Office Clerical staff member this year, Alyssa Thompson accepted another position in the district.

Activities Office Contacts


, Clerical/Treasurer: ext 2304,

Shawn Roed, Activities Director: ext 2151,

Full Activities and Facility Schedule

This calendar has details about practices, games, rehearsals, and events in our facilities.

Purchase Tickets to an East Event/Game

Tickets can be purchased online in advance and at the door/gate with cash, check, or card. Avoid the lines! Purchase online and have your e-ticket ready to scan as you enter.

Notes and Resources from Outside Agencies (Not ISD 709)

We are passing along an opportunity for any Class of 2021 students who were unable to graduate this past spring or during summer school. This is a pilot project between YES Duluth and LSC specifically crafted for seniors that did not graduate.

If the senior is eligible for YES Duluth (their status of not graduating on time greatly improves eligibility), then they can enroll in both YES Duluth and LSC. They will attend LSC for in-person GED prep/support and First Year Experience. Their tuition will be paid for by YES Duluth, and each student may be eligible for a stipend for their GED class time.

There are only 15 slots as we are trying to keep this a small pilot project. Please click the link to learn more.

GED Preparation / First Year Experience Class: An opportunity for 2021 Ungraduated Youth

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Class of 2022 ANGP Flyer

Click to learn about the volunteer led All Night Grad Party. This is an event organized and run by a parent/guardian volunteer group with the help of many local businesses.

ANGP Registration/Agreement Form

This form and payment can be turned in to the ANGP box located in the high school office at any time. Bring it to Jump Start! We will have paper copies available.

Duluth East High School

Principal: Danette Seboe

Assistant Principals: Jon Flaa, Kyle Rock

Activities Director: Shawn Roed