Need real website visitors

Need real website visitors
Fun Basic Tips for Web Marketing on Facebook

Having a solid presence on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to engage you existing fanbase and getting in touch with prospective clients. Also, because of how casual Facebook tends to be, companies tend to have freer rein when it comes to marketing on the social media site. Below are some really fun and easy tips to getting your brand out there.

Posting Content Consistently

Apparently, despite the digital age, people still respond to consistency. Case studies show that as a website’s posts become more regular and consistent the site’s number of visitors increases. I personally don’t need a case study to tell me that. We all have blogs we follow, right? The more regular a blogger is about his/her posts the more hooked we become to the website. I remember regularly following The Sartorialist a while back and I remember anticipating when Scott Schumer would post his daily photos. Because I knew I could count on him to deliver every day, I was at his website every day (several times a day in fact).

The same goes with Facebook, the more consistently and regularly you post quality content the more people will be visiting your page. Another way to increase web traffic to your website is to buy website traffic. It’s quick, it’s easy and fool proof. If you want to try and buy website traffic, there are several websites that offer it online.

Keep It Short

Turns out, you don’t need to wrack your brains to write an eloquent 4 page essay for every post on Facebook. Not only is it unnecessary, it’s actually quite counter-productive. Data shows that longer posts on Facebook tend to get skipped. Limit your captions to 150-200 word blurbs. This is the optimum number at which you can still get to share valuable information without dragging on.

Try Hosting a Contest

Now that Facebook has allowed contests to be hosted directly in Facebook, hosting give away contests have now become easier than ever! Focus on contests that bring more likes and visits to your page. Like contests that require your followers to get as many likes on their pictures as possible. Hosting contests is a fun and easy way not only to increase your exposure but to give you a chance to engage with your fanbase.

Another great way to increase your fanbase is to buy website traffic.

Post Youtube Videos

There’s a reason why pages with huge followings on Facebook tend to have a huge number of videos. Of tall the types of media, videos do still get the most clicks. Maybe you can choose to create a video for your next ad instead of just posting is an image on your feed. Or maybe, just maybe, post a couple of cat videos here and there. Fluffy puppies maybe? Or videos of babies and cats and dogs being the best of friends? It all has to relate to your product of course!

(Or maybe not, up to you.)

Update your Cover Photo

You cover photo is prime real estate on your page. Update it regularly especially if you are holding promotions or contests. You should update it whenever something new happens in the business. However, try not to use personal pictures on there. In the same way you wouldn’t use a picture from your iPhone a billboard space you paid massive dollars for. The space on your cover photo should be reserved for branded images.
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