The Green Simple Machine

STEM ACTIVITY by Sarah Karnes


What simple machine helps me catch a leprechaun?

I think when I use a pulley I will catch a leprechaun.


First, I thought of how to use a simple machine in my trap. I tried a pulley in my trap. The wood rods making an upside-down "u" would hold my pulley. One side of the rope would hold the bottom of the clothespin which would hold the container up. Under the container would be a coin. My dad got me the container and the idea of a barbie holding it. My dad said that the barbie could be me catching the leprechaun. When the barbie pulls the rope, the pulley will make the clothespin go up. The container will fall on top of the leprechaun getting the coin. The materials I need are wood, rope, pulley, coin, clothespin, and the container. My machine is going to be called the Green Simple Machine! The pulley is very important. Without it, the leprechaun would not get trapped. The first thing to happen to make it work is when the leprechaun goes to get the coin, and then the barbie pulled the rope...IT WORKED!




The pulley is a good way to catch a leprechaun.

Can you catch a leprechaun?!