Diana Baumrind

By: Nicole Terrell & Taylor Esquivel

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Background/Biographical Information

Born August 23, 1927 (age 88) in New York, NY

1st of 2 daughters, family is a lower middle class.

Diana was really close to her dad.

Newly married

Education -Began graduate school in 1948 Hunter College, University of California Berkeley

Fields - Development Psychology

Since Diana was the eldest out of her female cousins she inherited the role of the eldest son which allowed her to participate in actual serious conversations about philosophy, ethics, literature, and politics. In her teens she did her own personal education in Marxist philosophy and economics. Many of Diana's teachers were closest to Marxists who reinforced her social consciousness and strengthened her philosophical grounding in dialectical.

Theory/Stages Explanation

*Diana is a clinical and development theorist

* Psychologist known for her research on parenting styles and her critique of the use of deception in psychologist research, she created the theory of Permissive (kids make all the rules), Authoritarian (parents make all the rules and kids get no say), and Authoritative (parents and kids both agree on rules) parenting styles.

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Real Life Example of Theory

Say a young child says a bad word, the Authoritarian parent would probably yell and scream at the child for saying it, the Authoritative parent might tell them not to say that word and then explain to them why they shouldn't say it, and a Permissive parent wouldn't say or do anything about it.