The Mason Project

A Better Future

Hi Mason

we are here to tell you what you could do to make your school life and life better

Our plan to help Mason succeed

Mason should study and do homework before playing video games

He should also start working on playing less and less on the video game

Mason should spend more time with his family and they should go out together often

He should also start doing more activities outside and less inside playing

Also might want to reconnect with old friends and don't be friends with anyone who would be a bad influence on him.

What would happen if you choose to follow this?

If you choose to follow this plan your relationships will improve and will have better social skills.

If you choose to study more and do your homework before you play on video games you will start to see your grades improving.

If you do choose to start running on your own and painting more you might find yourself less distracted by video games and your focus improving.

The Pros!

What would happen if you choose to not follow the plan?

Your grades would drop and you might feel secluded from your family and friends so you might start to make friends with bad influence who might do drugs and/or drink.

We heard rumors of kids experimenting with cocaine.

Cocaine is a very dangerous drug that can affect the body in very negative ways such as increased heart rate and could increase risk of a stroke and heart attack. Doing cocaine would get you a short high and after it's over you would be depressed and would crave for more of the drug.
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