Foundations of Government

John Locke

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Contributions to English Government

1689 - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Principle source of empiricism in modern philosophy
1689 - Two Treatises of Government

  • First- divine rights of kings defies common sense
  • Second- political power is a right of making laws with Penalties of Death
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  • Rejected papal infallibility
  • Drafted English Bill of Rights
  • King does not have a divine right to rule

Contributions to United States Government


  • First philosopher of the Enlightenment
  • Formulated the expression of liberalism
  • Standard source in the philosophy of education
  • Influenced the foundation of modern Western philosophy
  • Believed in natural rights of life
  • Believed there is a social contract between the government and the people governed
  • Inspired the Constitution of the Unite States


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