Charming Cuba

By: Shae-Lynn Tilbury

There is no doubt that Cuba is the prettiest country in the entire world. With its amazing blue water, nice tan brown sand and the warmness between your toes, Cuba is the place to be! There are so many things you can do in so little time. Cuba’s history record goes back almost 500 years! But let’s not worry about that, lets worry about how tired you’re going to get just thinking about how much stuff there is to do! In Motion: Bike ride, Horseback Riding, and Sailing. These are just a few of many many things you in do in Cuba!

Bike Ride

What better way to appreciate Cuba then a nice bike ride with the family. You can see the amazing views of Cuba on a mountain biking adventure!

Horseback Riding

From a base in Trinidad, you can explore the fascinating Cuba. With its magnificent views you can explore from the ground all the way up to the mountain tops!


Thanks to Cuba's amazing blue seas sailing is one of the many activities you can do on the water. One thing I like about not knowing how and being a quick learner is that they teach you! so I highly request doing sailing as one of the activities to do while you visiting Cuba.

Finally I have finished my broacher for Cuba hope you guys enjoyed and have fun traveling!!