NOC code 2132


Engineering, in specific Auto-Mechanic engineering has many jobs. From repairing the engines and bodies or cars and preforming routine maintenance checks to designing individual parts and assembling vehicles by hand

Essential Skills

one essential skill would be Computer Design because designing individual parts for vehicles or altering them if needed is common in this field. another skill needed would be good hand-eye co-ordination because majority of this trade is done by hand in shop.


The Salary can range from 25K-100K a year

Future Outlook

The Future outlook for engineering according to the bureau of Labor's statistics is that this field should grow by ten percent in the next year do to the expansion of automotive dealerships

Employment requirements

  • High-school Diploma
  • Grade 12 Math
  • Grade 12 Science
  • Grade 12 auto mechanics ( not essential for all employers )

Typical Characteristics

People in this field are commonly

  • Kinaesthetic learners
  • Very social
  • Work oriented
  • Gold for true colors

Similar Occupations

  • Air space engineer
  • Auto-body repair
  • Auto mechanic Design
  • electrical engineering