Indigenous Peoples' Day

Monday October 11, 2021

Dear District 196 Staff, Teachers & Community

This year, Indigenous Peoples Day falls on Monday, October 11th.

Indigenous Peoples Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories, cultures and contributions to this world.

Discussions of Indigenous Peoples Day allows students, parents, and families to engage and celebrate the unique history of *Mni Sota, the land where the water reflects the clouds. It is an opportunity to highlight the contributions of Indigenous peoples which make our communities stronger.

District 196 has a thriving Native American community. Currently, we have over 525 indigenous students across the district representing over 45 different sovereign nations. A majority of our students are Ojibwe and Dakota/Lakota.

If your school has morning announcements or daily newsfeeds, please include INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY on those platforms.

Please explore the many resources listed below. We would highly recommend you visit the For our Future: An Advocate's Guide to Supporting Indigenous Peoples Day. This website was created through IllumiNative - a nonprofit initiative designed to increase the visibility of - and challenge the negative narrative about - Native Nations and peoples in American society.


*Mni Sota: Dakota Language

Ways to acknowledge this holiday at your school:

We are asking ALL of our school buildings to please acknowledge this holiday at your schools and inside your classrooms.

  1. Include “Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day” in your morning announcements, on your morning bulletins or within your lessons if applicable.
  2. Create a “Did You Know?” fun facts into your lessons.
  3. Amplify Indigenous Voices by highlighting Indigenous Authored Books in your classroom and media centers
  4. Learn whose land you are on

Please feel free to explore the following resources.

District 196 American Indian Education Program & Native American Parent Advisory Committee

We hope that your school site finds a way to meaningfully engage with Native students, families and the community at large.

Please contact your American Indian Cultural Family Advocate to learn how the American Indian Education Program can offer support to your school’s learning community.