Spanish Immersion Program Updates

Enrollment Info for Hicks & Wellington to MS (2021-2022)

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The enrollment season for the 2021-2022 school year is already around the corner! Please refer to the information in this newsletter to ensure you have important dates on your calendar. Any updates throughout the enrollment season will be made directly on this page. (
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The following Middle Schools offer a 6th grade advanced Spanish course designed for students who have completed a language immersion program in elementary school:

  • Arbor Creek MS
  • Creek Valley MS
  • DeLay MS
  • Durham MS
  • Forestwood MS
  • Griffin MS
  • Hedrick MS
  • Huffines MS
  • Killian MS
  • Lakeview MS
  • Lamar MS

During course selection, 6th grade students select "Honors Spanish II Language & Culture".

  • 6th grade- Honors Spanish II Language & Culture (formerly known as Pre-AP Spanish 2)
  • 7th grade- Honors Spanish III Language & Culture (formerly known as Pre-AP Spanish 3)
  • 8th grade- AP Spanish Language & Culture

For more information regarding the nature of these courses, please refer to the MS Language website.
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Hicks ES 5th grade students received 6th grade information, which can be accessed here: ACMS 6th Grade Registration Guide
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Forestwood MS will provide a virtual campus introduction and information to WES toward the end of January. Parents will have the opportunity to submit any questions to the campus.

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Lamar MS will begin their 5th grade registration during the week of January 25. At this time, families will receive information and have the opportunity to ask questions about Lamar MS.
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MS Intent Form (Wellington ES only)

All current Spanish Immersion 5th grade students at Wellington are able to attend Forestwood MS for advanced Spanish courses​. For students who live INSIDE the boundaries of LISD, this process is handled internally without the need for parents to complete additional paperwork.

Your plans to continue to the MS Advanced Spanish Language Program are communicated through the MS Intent Form.

MS Pathway (Hicks ES only)

Hicks students are automatically slated for Arbor Creek MS where there is already an Advanced Spanish Language program in place, so there is no need to indicate intent for MS plans.

If you have other plans for middle school, please let us know of your situation, and we are happy to help navigate your next steps.

Out-of-district families (i.e. out-of-district LISD employees, etc.) will still need to complete transfer paperwork during the timeline set by Student Services.

Transfers for the Middle School Advanced Spanish Language Program


After recent changes, LISD Board policy FDB (LOCAL) now allows students who live inside the boundaries of LISD to request an in-district transfer that will allow the student to remain in that transfer feeder pattern through graduation, WITHOUT asking for additional transfers in subsequent years. For example, if you receive an approved transfer in kindergarten to attend Timber Creek ES, that transfer is in place through Lamar MS, Marcus 9th, and Marcus High School.

Students who were already attending on an approved in-district transfer will be automatically moved to the feeder pattern transfer.

  • For example, if you are on an in-district transfer to attend Wellington ES, you would automatically be moved to McKamy MS.
  • If you are on an in-district transfer, and do not wish to continue to the feeder pattern middle school, you will need to cancel the transfer to return to your originally zoned path for MS You can view the transfer feeder patterns HERE.


Under state law and Board policy, students who live outside the boundaries of LISD, including the children of district employees, must request a transfer each school year.

Please be familiar with the "In-District Transfer Guidelines" located on the LISD Transfer website (

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January 14, 2021 (6pm-7pm)- 5th grade parent information meeting for MS program

February 1st, 2021- Intent Form for Wellington 5th grade DUE

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Spanish Immersion Enrollment for Siblings (2021-2022)

The window for priority enrollment for siblings of Spanish Immersion Program students remained open from December 7th, 2020 through January 7th, 2021. Official responses will be sent by the end of January 2021.

Spanish Immersion Enrollment- Prospective NEW Families (2021-2022)

Do you know of a family who is interested in joining the Spanish Immersion Program?

Help spread the word! Parent information meetings via WebEx will be held in January 2021. Please pass on this link to any interested friends, family, and neighbors for details.

Please direct interested individuals to for further questions.

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Lewisville ISD World Languages

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Annie Rivera

World Language Administrator

Starla Johnson

Administrative Assistant