by Maryam Al Mansoori

Facts about earthquakes

Earthquakes are so dangers and scary.They can make people die. You have to be careful.Also you have to be somewhere safe.

The history of earthquakes

An earthquake killed 131 people.Every 13 years Alaska has an earthquake.Also in March 27 1964 an earthquake happened.

How earthquakes affects the Earth

Earthquakes are dangers

See how earthquakes are dangers the earthquake the ground so messy. All the things are on the ground.It is so dangers it can brake a house.

How to stay safe during a earthquake

During a earthquake you need to remove heavy objects.Stay safe during an earthquake you can get hurt.Do not make unnecessary calls.Don't touch that is on the ground.
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How You Know When An Earthquake Is Happening

You see that earthquake is braking.It can put you in the ground and smash you.It can move ware ever it wants to.Sometime it can travel.