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Week of April 4th-April 8th

Greeting Gardeners,

I hope you each had a relaxing and well deserved break to help recharge. With just only 48 days left to go we are now in the final quarter and what better way to recharge and focus than celebrate College and Career Week!

This year we have decided to combine MOCK EOGs and College and Career week to help scholars see the bigger's not about the test, rather trying your best at EVERYTHING you do to dream big and achieve anything you want in this world through an excellent education. Please take time this week to help your class and scholars set and invest in big goals for the remainder of the year and their future.

A special thanks to Bri Scharer and Lisa Carter who have worked tirelessly to help prepare some incredible resources and experiences for your scholars this week.

I look forward to seeing you in the classrooms!



MOCK EOG Accomodation Locations

The Week at a Glance-College and Career Week!

Please Note: Monday, April 4th-Friday, April 8th-NO SMALL GROUPS (Instructional Assistants will be supporting with 1/2 Day Data Dive Coverage & Title I Tutors will be supporting with testing)

Monday, April 4, 2016:

  • Dragon Discussion @8:30 am
  • Intervention/MTSS PLC
  • 1/2 Day Planning 1st Grade (AM)





Tuesday, April 5, 2016

  • MOCK EOG Reading 3-5th Grade (see button for details)
  • PreK-2 Career Brainstorming Session using the sheet in your mailbox and the the mini-books that will be coming to create an anchor chart
  • 3rd Quarter Report Cards Due-Verification Report Signed & Due to Grade Level Administrator by 5pm
  • Send home Award Ceremony Letter---Sample Invitation Here--
  • Turn in all awards via spreadsheet to Ms. Vanderhall by 5pm

Wednesday April 6, 2016:

  • MOCK EOG Math-3rd and 5th Grade
  • Pre K-2 Complete the "When I Grow Up" sheet that was placed in your box.
  • 4th Grade Field Trip to First Tee
  • 1/2 Day DDI Action Plan Session for Reading 5th Grade (PM)
  • Dowling-Flannery

    Polsgrove & Hoke-Futrell, Mace & Code

  • Staff Meeting in Media Center @ 3:30-Potlock Sign Up

Thursday April 7, 2016:

  • 4th Grade Math MOCK EOG
  • Career Day- 8:45-10:45.. More details to come

    - Scholars will dress in their future career attire

  • 1/2 Day DDI Action Plan Session for Reading 3rd Grade (AM)
  • Allen-Code




  • 1/2 Day DDI Action Plan Session for Math 5th Grade (PM)


    Polsgrove & Hoke-Futrell, Mace & Code

  • Send Home Thursday Folders- 2 Work Samples in Math/Literacy Content Areas

Friday April 8 2016:

  • Coffee with Reeves @8am
  • College Spirit Day

    -Scholars and staff will dress in college sports attire.

    3-5 can complete the "When I Grow Up" sheet that was in your mailbox today

  • Kindergarten Award Ceremony @9am in classrooms
  • 1st-2nd Grade Award Ceremony@9am in Cafe
  • 3rd-5th Grade Award Ceremony@ 10am in Cafe
  • 5th Grade Day! @10:30-2:30pm

  • 1/2 Day DDI Action Plan Session for Literacy 4th Grade (AM)
    • Boone-Cohanski

      McLeod-Mace & Tate & Pearson

      Butler-Code & McClintock & Gates

  • 1/2 Day DDI Action Plan Session for Math 3rd Grade (PM)
      • Allen-Code




  • College and Career Week Door Decorating Contest
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Thursday-College Fair Details

Shamrock Scholars’ are College Bound!

Please remind students to dress in desired profession attire or wear school uniform

Career Day is Thursday, April 7th, from 8:45-10:45 am. Presenters will arrive between 8:20 and 8:35 am.

☺Please arrive and exit Career Day on time. Many of the volunteers need to leave at 10:45am to get back to their jobs.

☺ Please see “typical questions students may ask” and review with students beforehand.

☺ Students should be prepared to ask 1-2 questions per table visited. Students can visit tables in groups of 6-7 or with teacher.

☺Please practice hand-shaking, eye contact etc.

Career Day will consist of five 20 minute sessions with a short break in between. The break is just long enough for the grade levels to rotate in and out of cafeteria. Students should plan to visit a 2-3 different career options.

1. 8:45-9:05(4th grade)

2. 9:10-9:30(3rd Grade)

3. 9:35-9:55(5th grade)

4. 10:00-10:20 (2nd grade

5. 10:25-10:40 (PreK-1) Seated in cafeteria. Mini presentation format

NOTE: Charlotte Fire Department will be located on bus lot from 9-10:45am. Teachers, please plan to visit directly after rotation. Limit 10-15 minutes per grade level.

**Possible suggestion: Identify students who have an interest in career as firefighter and coordinate with grade level teachers to bring small group to visit truck vs. entire grade level.

Typical questions students may ask and confirmed professions (subject to change)

What do you do? What did you do before this? • What kinds of things do you do at your job? • Did you have to go to school after high school? • What kinds of subjects did you like to study in school? • What kinds of subjects were important for you to know in order to be able to do your job? • Do you like your job? • Did you always know you wanted to do what you do? If not, how’d you start out? • How did you get to where you are? Was your path typical/not typical? • What might you do differently if you started over or were “in these kids’ shoes?” • What do you enjoy most/least about your work? • Do you travel for work? Where have you been that is cool? • What is a typical work day for you? • What is the projected job market? • Describe your work environment.

· Pastry chef/Student

· Data Architect/Consultant

· Social Worker/Adoption Agency

· Head of Family and Studio Programs

· Retired Flight Attendant

· Realtor

· News Producer

· Author /Entrepreneur

· Photographer

· Sales Manager/Car Sales

· Mentorship

· Venue Management, Event Promoting

· Interviewing Tips/Resumes

· Instructional Design, Technology


· Charlotte Fire Department

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Future Dates to Keep in Mind...

  • Thursday, April 14th-Report Cards Go Home in Thursday Folders
  • Wednesday, April 20th-Early Release Day
  • Friday, April 22nd -PTA Movies in the Park@ 7pm
  • Monday, April 25th- NO LONGER TEACHER WORKDAY-Make up day from snow day

Guess the Shamrocker!


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Summer School


Shout Outs from the Halls of Shamrock Gardens!

"I would like to shout out Ms. McClintock for using the game "Apples to Apples" to drive home the meaning of synonyms! The scholars were totally engaged and left knowing what a synonym is." -Ms. Scharer

Shamrock Gardens Community Supported Agriculture Program

We are working on developing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for Shamrock. Initially we were hoping to hold a regular farmers market, and maybe we will grow into that. But for the rest of this school year, we will begin our food dispersant with the CSA.

How it works:

Produce will be divided into equal “shares” each week. There is no guarantee regarding how much produce or what produce will be in each share. It will likely vary every week. We ARE focused on salad items (greens, radishes, etc.) right now so you can expect the majority of the share to be made up of those items. As we move into warmer weather there may be other items added as well.

We are planning on providing 10 shares each week. In order to spread this nutritious, organically grown produce as equally as possible, we are hoping to have 5 shares purchased for donation to CIS. Ms. Lisa Carter will then disperse the produce among families in need. The other 5 shares are available for purchase.

We have one share sold already, and one share donated already. That means the we’re down to 8 shares available.

The cost for CSA membership is $40/share. This is the total price - it includes shares from now until the end of the school year. The payment will be due at the start of produce delivery. Proceeds will go toward costs for growing the produce (seeds, soil, etc.).

Please let Reeves know ASAP if you’d like a share. First come first served!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Your Gardeners - Jacob and Bobbie

Guess the Shamrocker!

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