Plickers Pilot with Team Bond

March 28, 2014

What is Plickers?

Plickers is a classroom response app that people can use very easily without having devices for each student. Instead, cards are used and can be printed right from the Plickers web page, and one device needs to have the Plickers app installed. There are 40 unique numbered cards in a set. Each side of the card is labeled A, B, C, or D. Students choose the letter they want to respond with and make sure it is facing up. The teacher clicks on the camera icon within the app, and the app scans the cards. As the app scans the room, the responses pop up on the screen and a bar graph is created. I was amazed at how easy it was! Here are some things that I found neat...

  • You do not have to hold the device steady and have the cards all fit into one view. You can pan your device all around the room, and it will record the response.
  • It lists the numbers and their responses coding them green for correct and red for incorrect.
  • Yes...there can be more than one correct answer, so you can use it as a survey.
  • Yes....students can change their answer and it will reconfigure the graph.
  • Yes, the results are stored and can be accessed.

Plickers Tutorial- Setting Up an Account and Creating a Class

Assigning Classes and Tracking Data

I found the above video on You Tube, and Blaire Lambert does a great job of showing you how to set up classes on Plicker. He also shows you how to access the class data from former polls and quizzes.

I used it to ask questions while reading The One and Only Ivan. It worked great!

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