Job Order Contract

Region 5

Purpose of Job Order Contract(s) -"JOC"

The purpose of this procurement is to award Job Order Contract(s) for minor construction, repair, rehabilitation, or alteration of a facility for work of a recurring nature in which the delivery times are indefinite and indefinite quantities and orders are awarded substantially on the basis of pre-described and pre-priced tasks.

How it works:

The Contractor shall furnish all necessary labor, materials, tools, supplies, equipment, transportation, supervision, management and shall perform all operations necessary and required for construction work. All work shall be performed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the resulting contract and each mutually agreed upon work request or purchase order issued by REGION 5 ESC’s client partner.

JOC Contracts:

A contract will be established with standard specifications and pricing based upon a coefficient that is applied to a Unit Price Book (UPB). When a specific project or job order is issued, REGION 5 ESC’s member and the contractor will agree on the scope of work and the cost is determined by applying the coefficient to the appropriate units in the UPB. REGION 5 ESC encourages the use of local subcontractors. The current JOC is a one (1) year contract which began on 1/1/2021 and ends on 12/31/2021, with four (4) one (1) renewal options.

JOC Jobs:

The following information is meant clarify the appropriate types of work that may be addressed through the JOC. JOC is an IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) Cooperative which is commonly used for projects such as;

1. Electrical

2. Plumbing


4. Floor covering replacement

5. Gym floor replacement or major repairs

6. Moving, removing or adding walls

7. Infrastructure wiring for data and AV projects

8. Fixture replacements

9. Lighting upgrades

10. Construction of and major repairs to sports fields, turf, lighting, tracks

11. Concession stands

12. Field houses

13. Gyms

14. Bleachers, grandstands

15. Press boxes

16. Bus barns and related facilities such as fueling stations

17. Kitchen repairs and renovations

18. Remediation/removal of asbestos, lead, etc.

19. Elevator replacement

20. Window unit replacements and upgrades

21. Permanent attached cabinetry (not furniture)

22. Parking lots or other paving (new, enlarge and repair)

23. Plumbing , electrical, sidewalks, awnings, ramps for portable building installs

24. Storage buildings

25. Scoreboard installs with concrete and steel bases or electrical required

26. Fencing

27. Building or upgrading a NOC ( Network Operations Center) ( usually require data and electrical wiring changes or installs and special HVAC for the computer equipment)

JOC Process Qualifications:

The JOC process is not appropriate for the construction of a new campus, however, it may be used to add on to a facility or construct facilities such as gyms or field houses as noted above. Since the JOC contactors were selected through the RFP process, the timeline for completing a project can be significantly reduced. Certainly, JOC may be utilized in projects not requiring proposals or bids.

FEMA has reimbursed work in the past where the JOC (IDIQ) was utilized following the declaration of emergency (or urgency) by the Board of Trustees of a school or public entity. Each entity should consult their own counsel if they intend to seek FEMA assistance.

Region 5 ESC

Please contact our JOC consultant if you are considering JOC for your project.

R. Steve Hyden, Ed.D.

JOC Consultant, ESC 5