Wilt Chamberlain


Wilt was born August 21 , 1935 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He was Known as Wilt the Silt because of his 7'1 body frame.He average 30.1 points per game his whole NBA career. He became the first player all time to score 100 points in one game.Wilt was inducted in to the hall of fame in 1978. Wilt had a rivalry with Bill Russel. He moved to San Fran and stayed with the warriors even though he moved he still averaged more than 44 points a game. A few years later he mover back to his home time Philadelphia playing for the 76ers. He help the 76ers win a NBA championship against his former team.Chamberlain died of heart failure on October 12, 1999 at his home in Los Angles

The Rilvary

Bill Vs Russles

Wilt Chamber Perennial nemesis Bill Russell is said to be the best on court rivalry of all time. Bill Russel won 7 of 8 playoff series against Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain out score Bill 30 to 14.2 and out rebound him 28.2 to 22.9. Wilt averaged 50.4 points per games against the Celtics. Wilt Chamberlain said" when they play the Celtic didn't rely on Bill to Score". Little did people know Wilt and Bill were good friends outside of school.
Wilt Chamberlain's LA Lakers Career Highlight's


Chamberlain was a major trade from the 76ers to the LAKers. Wilt had an unprecedented contrast . The Lakers were paying Wilt $250,00 after taxes and $100,00 before taxes. IN the Championship of 1969 Wilt encountered his rival Bill Russel in the finals. The Lakers was a 3 to 1 favorite to win the championship. The Lakers won the first two games but the Celtics won the next two. Wilt was critic as a non-factor in the series. In game five the Wilt Chamberlain the fan knew showed up.Wilt scored 13 points 31 rebounds and lead the Lakers to a 117-104 win.in game six the Celtics won 94-90 and Chambelain on scored 8 points. Lakers later went on and won game 7

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