Colonial America

Social Studies

New England

New England was richer than the other colonies. New England had a special place where they would do all of there meetings called the meeting house. Thomas holler left England and went to Connecticut and made a new colony and had very good business. They had very rich soil. they did not like new jersey at all. there were three regions. such as new en gland, middle, and southern colonies.
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Middle colonies

They farmed fished and traded 24/7 that's there most common thing that they do because some people might grow this and someone else mad something else and one person might need that good. there houses were made out of wood brick and shingles that were cut from wood and they actually stayed together. they made in a new colony and its has allot of freedom.
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Southern colinies

The Virginia company controlled Virginia. king James started to take over the colony. Carolina also started a new colony. Carolina had good soil and farming. and grew special crops such as rice there most important one. in 1732 Georgia let king James the II started a new colony for the English people who got jailed. so they would have freedom. some of the main places they would go is the barn the kitchen and the planters house
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