Battle of Leyte Gulf

"Victory At Sea"

Battle Background

The two nations involved were America and Japan. They were fighting over the territory of Leyte Gulf. This battle was fought on October 23-25, 1944. The generals on the American side were Admirals Kinkaid and Halsey. On the Japanese side were Admirals Ozawa and Kurita. With over 800 ships and 1500 planes on the U.S. side the Japanese retreated on October 25, 1944. It was called the lopsided American Victory.

Battle Strategies

-The japanese thought that the aircraft carriers under Vice Admiral Ozawa would lure Halsey away so that Vice Admiral Kurita's battleships and cruisers could attack American units in Leyte Gulf.

-Two American submarines would attack Kurita, and planes from Halsey's carriers would attack Kurita the next day. Then the American battleships and cruisers would form a line, while destroyers and torpedo boats were stationed ahead to attack the Japanese.

Admirals of the Battle of Leyte Gulf

Goals and Impact of Battle

The goal of this battle was to clear the way to recapture the Philippene Islands. Also to gain Leyte territory. The impact of this battle was that the U.S. is a force to be reconned with.


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