Module 5 Lesson 1 Post Mortem

Chad Dickson

Questioned Document

Questioned document examination is a term for a forensic science discipline pertaining to documents that are potentially disputed in a court of law. The primary purpose of this is to provide evidence about a suspicious or questionable document using a variety of scientific processes and methods.

The principle of individuality

The principle of individuality states that each person has unique abilities and needs. It appears throughout exercise science, often to defend complicated programs such asperiodization. This principle is too vague to have much value in itself but can reinforce some common sense.
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There are three types of forgery: (See Slide 3-21)

a. A traced forgery is created by tracing over a genuine signature. A forgery of this type can be tied to the original, or master, signatures if that original signature can be located.

b. A simulated forgery is produced by the writer who learns to mimic a genuine signature. It may or may not be possible to identify the forger, depending on the extent to which the suspect’s normal handwriting characteristics.

c. A freehand forgery represents the suspect’s normal handwriting, with no attempt to mimic the style of the genuine signature.


There is many frauds that can happen when a question document is involved such as a false check or signature among other things.